How to grow strawberries in five easy steps

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Strawberries are a crowd-pleasing fruit, delicious on their own or in a pudding. Strawberries are readily available to purchase in supermarkets, but they are really easy and rewarding to grow at home.

When do you plant strawberries?

To flourish, strawberry plants need sun and shelter, along will fertile and well-drained soil.

When choosing how to plant strawberries, gardeners have the option of potted plants or bare-rooted runners.

Potted strawberry plants are often available to purchase in garden centres.

Most strawberry varieties can be planted in spring ready to harvest over the summer months.

Gardeners’ World advise planting bare-rooted runners or young plants in spring or autumn.

There are a variety of places where gardeners can choose to plant their strawberry plants.

Some opt to plant them in borders, while others may prefer a hanging basket for their plants.

How can you grow strawberries?

Miracle-Gro’s Gardening Guru, Kate Turner, has shared her easy five-step method for planting and growing strawberries below.

1) Where to buy

Ms Turner explained: “Strawberry plants can be found at most garden centres, often sold as a pack of six.

“Check them thoroughly and remove any yellowing leaves. Once you have strawberries you can learn how to propagate them from runners.”

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2) Where to grow

Ms Turner added: “Strawberries do well in a prepared bed but they also grow well in most containers and hanging baskets, as long as they have drainage holes.

“You could use a traditional strawberry planter as it allows multiple plants to be grown in a small space.

“Use a fruit and vegetable compost, such as Miracle-Gro Peat free fruit & vegetable compost, and space the strawberry plants about 20cm apart.

“Strawberries love the sun, so make sure you put them in a sunny location to get the best harvest.”

3) Planting

Ms Turner said: “Using a trowel, dig a planting hole making sure the plant’s crown (where the leaves meet the roots) is level with the compost surface.

“Planting strawberries too deep can lead to rot, but planting too high will dry the roots out,” she said.

“Add more compost around the plant’s roots and firm down the soil with your hands. Water in well.”

4) Watering

Ms Turner added: “Strawberries are fairly low maintenance but make sure you water the plant regularly and at the base being careful not to water the foliage.”

5) Feeding

Ms Turner explained: “Strawberries are hungry plants!

“Feed then with a high-potassium liquid feed such as Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg liquid feed every two weeks once they start to flower.”

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