Important summer task helps roses put energy into buds to produce more flowers

Alan Titchmarsh explains how to correctly prune roses

During the summer months, roses are at their best showing off their delicate and fragrant blooms.

However, as the season draws on, flowers can start to look faded and even soggy which can lead to fungal infections.

To keep roses looking their best and producing more flowers, gardeners need to deadhead the plants.

In a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) video, Francesca White from Harkness Roses Nursery has shared how to best look after roses which includes deadheading them.

To keep roses looking their best in the summer months, Francesca suggested deadheading roses regularly.

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She said: “A really important thing to do in the summertime when your roses are flowering is making sure you’re deadheading throughout the season.

“It helps the rose put energy into opening up these buds so you’ve got lots of beautiful flowers.”

The gardening expert said picking the right location for roses in the garden is “key”. Gardeners need to make sure there’s a wide enough and a deep enough space for the roots to go down.

Roses also need a minimum of four hours of light a day but will cope with around four.

The gardening experts said the ground also has to be prepared for the roses.

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The ground needs to be mulched in the spring months using well-rotted manure or compost.

Another really important task for roses is pruning. There are two times of the year that Francesca recommended pruning roses.

The first being an autumn prune which tends to be a lighter prune. This is “most important” for people that have quite windy or exposed gardens to prevent wind-rock.

However, the rose expert said the “most important” prune overall is in the spring months.

She said: “The most important one though is in the spring and this is what we call a hard prune…This just really helps the roses to come back good and strong the next year.”

The correct pruning height will vary depending on the variety of roses. Disease prevention is also really important when it comes to roses.

When plants are stressed, they’re more likely to catch disease so it’s important roses are kept well-watered and well-fed.

Another way to prevent disease is by choosing a disease-resistant variety in the first place.

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