Kanye Got Kim Kardashian West a Condo for Christmas, & Then Gave it Back

For a couple who rents private 747 jets, buying a luxury condo as a Christmas gift doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary. And this was almost the reality for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West — until Kanye backed out of the extravagant Christmas present he planned on gifting to wife, Kim.

According to People, the home wasn’t a surprise gift by any means. Kim knew all about the home, as Kanye brought her to Miami where the condo is located to take a look at it. While they were there, he reportedly verbally agreed to purchase it, but Kim wasn’t having it.

According to a source who spoke to the publication, Kim isn’t a fan of Kanye making multi-million-dollar purchases (who would be?).

Because Kanye was so excited about it, Kim “didn’t want to hurt his feelings,” but she was still hesitant about the purchase. For starters, it didn’t offer enough privacy, and it didn’t have enough bedrooms for guests.

“Kim did like the condo and went along with it for a while before she put her foot down,” the source told the publication. “They need a property that’s bigger, more private and preferably a home.”

According to Page Six, Kanye paid a $600,000 deposit on the $15.5 million, four-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath, 4,700-square-foot condo located in a residential tower on Miami Beach — and he won’t get it back.

Purchasing a condo in Florida makes sense for the couple, though. The couple already has a home in Miami, one they purchased a few years ago. But it’s unclear if they still own it.

Kim and Kanye’s primary piece of real estate is their $20 million, 15,000-square-foot, eight-bedroom mansion in Hidden Hills, California. With two pools, two spas, a sauna and dual baths and its own vineyard, you’d think that’d suffice, but…

They’ve been hard at work renovating the home they purchased in 2014, though, and now it’s worth three-times what they purchased it for: $60 million.

Better luck next time, Kanye.

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