‘Keep them away from heat’: Vodka and lemonade hacks to make cut flowers last longer

Interflora provides advice on making flowers last longer

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Cut flowers can instantly transform a dull room, however, they can also quickly do the opposite. After a week to 10 days, cut flowers can start to smell, wilt and even drop their petals. The bottom of the stems can go mouldy and can even start to look furry through a transparent glass vase.

For those looking to make their cut flowers last longer, Nick Drewe, trends specialist at WeThrift, has revealed five thrifty household hacks that will extend their life.


It may sound strange, but vodka can actually boost a cut flower’s life.

When added to the water in a vase, the vodka helps persevere the flower due to its ability to inhibit ethylene production.

The gas will aid the maturation process of plants but slow down the wilting of flowers.

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Alcohol is also antibacterial which means it will keep vases looking clean while rejuvenating flowers.

Flowers only need a few drops of vodka so don’t pour in too much.


Lemonade makes the water in a vase more acidic which means it can travel up the vase more quickly.

Make sure to use full fat lemonade as the sugar will act as food for the flower.

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Use a quarter of a cup of lemonade in the vase with the usual water.

Apple cider vinegar and sugar

Apple cider vinegar is not only great for the human body but flowers too.

Adding apple cider vinegar and sugar to flowers is just as effective as using flower food.

The vinegar is antibacterial while the sugar acts as flower food.

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Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar into a vase of water before adding the flowers.

Copper penny

Putting a penny in the middle of a vase acts as a fungicide, killing bacteria growth on flowers.

The bouquet’s flowers will continue to bloom nicely.


A fridge’s cool temperature will slow down how quickly flowers age which means it will delay them wilting.

Every night before going to bed, pop the bouquet in the fridge for around eight hours.

This should ensure they last longer than normal.

Mr Drewe said those with cut flowers should still continue to follow usual care tips.

“In addition to all these great hacks, make sure you also follow the typical flower care tips to keep your petals thriving.

“This includes cutting the stems and pruning the leaves before you put them into the vase for the first time, watering them every two to three days, and keeping them away from direct sunlight, heat, drafts and fruits.”

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