‘Kick the lawn into growing season’: Start treating your lawns in the next two weeks

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It’s a good idea to give your grass a treatment early this month, a gardening expert has said. How and why should you treat your grass?

Sam, who owns a lawn care and gardening company professionally sprucing up grass, advised “treating” lawns in the next few weeks.

The owner of JayRock LawnCare & Gardening said: “Treating lawns is always good practice once the early morning frosts are lifting and you notice your lawn actively growing.

“The first two to three weeks of April is a good benchmark.”

The expert suggested feed with the right cocktail of nutrients to benefit you grass.

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Sam said: “A spring feed with a medium-high nitrogen content will be perfect to kick the lawn into the growing season.”

Nitrogen is beneficial to the lawn for a number of reasons.

The nutrient is actually essential to all plants, but it grass it will help create a rich green colour – among other effects.

Nitrogen is important for a plant to produce chlorophyll, which it needs to produce energy.

Nitrogen will therefore help grass to become long and bright green, lush, and less susceptible to things like heat, lack of water or grass disease.

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But the type of nutrients in a fertiliser is not the only thing to consider when choosing one.

There is also the speed of release a fertiliser offers.

Sam explained: “The best type of fertilisers are those with a mix of fast and slow release.

“This will allow the fertiliser to benefit the lawn for periods up to around 90 days.”

In fact, the expert has a specific product he recommends.

Sam said: “A great example of this is Total Lawn which can be found online.”

The gardening professional also suggested scarifying the lawn in April.

This process helps your lawn to “breathe” and improves it’s health overall.

It is done with a rake, or something a machine, removing moss and other organic matter as this can suffocate the lawn.

Lawn enthusiasts can find Sam’s pro gardening advice by watching his videos on his Youtube channel and by following his Instagram account @jayrock_lawncare_gardening.

April to-do list for the lawn

  • Fertilise your grasses and – if necessary – aerate and scarify
  • Start removing weeds and laying weed killer
  • Fill in sparse patches with grass seed
  • Repair edges with an edging iron or spade

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