Lavender will ‘struggle to live’ next to five garden plants – ‘harms’ the shrub

Lavender plants are easy to grow in gardens as they are able to thrive off of little water and give off a beautiful floral scent.

While many companion plants will benefit this fragrant shrub, this cannot be said for all plants.

Aaditya Bhatta, founder and editor at Plants Craze has shared which plants should never be grown next to lavender if gardeners want their plants to thrive.

He explained: “Lavender is a well-liked herb frequently cultivated for its lovely blossoms, pleasant aroma, and many health advantages. 

“Knowing which plants to avoid growing close to lavender is essential if you intend to grow it in your garden because they can negatively affect its growth and development. There are five plants that should not be planted close to lavender.”

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The expert added that taking care of the plants they grow close to lavender is “critical”. While some herbs and plants go well with lavender, others “can harm it and stunt its growth”. 

Aaditya said: “You may encourage the development of your lavender and make a lovely landscape by avoiding these plants.”

1. Mint 

The potent aroma and rapid growth of mint plants are well-known among most gardeners. 

Although it can be a helpful herb in many recipes, “it should be kept from lavender” because the latter’s fragrance may be easily overwhelmed, stunting the former’s development.

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Also, unlike most lavenders, mints thrive in both hot and cold climates. However, the requirements of mint are almost completely the opposite of what lavender requires. 

Growing mint requires rich soil and regular watering that keeps the soil moist, something that lavender cannot stand.

2. Sage

Sage is another herb that can compete with lavender for room, water, as well as nutrients.  Aaditya warned that when they are grown together, “both plants may struggle to live”.

3. Rosemary 

While Mediterranean herbs such as lavender and rosemary do have comparable growing environments, they “shouldn’t be planted side by side”.

The expert explained that rosemary produces vigorous growth and would “quickly take over the garden bed”, leaving little area for the lavender to flourish.

4. Dill 

Although dill is a widely used herb in many dishes, it “can harm lavender’s growth”. Aaditya noted that aphids are attracted to dill and can therefore “harm lavender” if they spread there.

5. Fennel 

The herb fennel is frequently used in salads and other cuisines. Anethole, a molecule it generates, can, however, “prevent the growth of other plants”. 

When grown close to lavender, dill may induce stunted development, which “makes the plant weaker”.

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