Lawn care tips: Simple way to ‘boost your lawn’ and make it look ‘green and healthy’

Garden tips: How to maintain your lawn

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Lawns are usually at the heart of a garden and can often be subjected to lots of activity. If a lawn is at the centre of a garden, it usually acts as a pathway to other parts of the garden which means it often becomes compacted due to footfall. Garden activities, weather and footsteps often means that a lawn ends up with bald and yellow patches and messy edges.

Having a well-kept, striped lawn takes both time and effort.

Lawn experts at Dobbies Garden Centres have shared their tips for maintaining a lawn throughout the year.

The gardening expert said gardeners can “boost” their lawn to make it look “green and healthy” using a simple method.

The expert said: “Get rid of bare patches by sowing new grass seed.

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“Scratch up the earth with a rake until it’s crumbly and sow according to the packet instructions.

“Boost your lawn with fertiliser to make it look green and healthy.

“Mark out areas with string to make sure you use the right quantity.”

Watering and mowing lawns is also important to maintain how grass looks throughout the year.

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Lawns need to especially be watered if they are new or have been treated with fertiliser.

Gardeners can make this process easier by using a sprinkler attachment.

When lawns are growing regularly in the spring and autumn, they need to be mown every seven to 10 days.

The gardening experts said to mow “little and often” to stop mowing becoming a chore.

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They said: “Lower the mowing blades as the season progresses.

“Use a spring-tine rake to remove moss from your lawn.

“Neaten up the overall look of your lawn by redefining the edges.

“Use a half-moon edging iron to cut the turf.”

Weeds can make a lawn look unsightly and unkempt, so for a neater lawn it may be best to remove them.

The expert said: “There are two ways to get rid of weeds:

“By hand, using a traditional daisy grubber, or by using a chemical treatment.

“Plunge a fork into the ground all over your lawn.

“This improves drainage and generally helps grass to grow.

“If you fancy a change, consider reshaping your lawn entirely. Use a hose to design the outline.”

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