Lawn: ‘Crucial’ gardening job to do now for a healthy lawn this summer – ‘amazing results’

Home Depot: How to ready your lawn for Spring

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The lawn starts to actively grow again in spring which means gardeners will start mowing and caring for it once again. According to one expert, “crucial” jobs include aeration and cutting the grass once a week.

William Mitchel for Sutton Manor Nursery said: “One thing that is for sure is that lawns need a lot of love and attention.

“It’s also very important for them to receive a lot of sunlight which will hopefully become more frequent as we transition into the early spring months.”

Sunshine helps grass nutrients and encourages strong growth, meaning the lawn will withstand stress better.

If patches of the lawn are lacking sunlight, they may go brown or yellow.

The expert added: “Your lawn also needs good drainage. Simply going around your lawn with a pitchfork and allowing for aeration to the grass can have amazing results.”

Lawn aeration is “crucial” for a healthy lawn as it allows air, water and other nutrients to easily penetrate built-up grass and lawn thatch.

Lawn thatch makes it difficult for the grass to breathe, and aerating it can help it thrive come summer.

Gardeners’ World recommended spiking the lawn every 15cm.

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Raking moss away from the grass can also encourage it to grow more vigorously.

William continued: “During early spring months like March, it is still quite wet out, especially in the UK.

“However, the temperature also starts to rise.

“The warmth and the wet conditions that weeds flourish in so it’s important to keep on top of them.

“You can do this by simply cutting your grass once a week.”

Lawn weeds can be hard to notice, because they often blend into the grass.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), there are several ways in which lawn weeds can be recognised.

They said: “The grass may look patchy, have an uneven growth rate or simply include areas that are a different colour or texture to the rest of the lawn.

“Flowers appear in the grass, this can occur even in a closely mown lawn, but often appears when the grass is allowed to grow longer.

“Patches may remain green during a drought. Lawn weeds may perform better or worse than the lawn grasses, staying green or turning brown.”

There are also many ways to control weeds including digging them out, avoiding close mowing and hand removing them.

Weedkillers can also be applied during the spring and summer months when they are growing vigorously.

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