Lawn jobs to achieve a ‘picture-perfect’ lawn

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

Many gardeners will already have begun to mow their lawns, but it is important not to mow too regularly to avoid causing stress to the grass.

The gardening expert, who has worked on shows such as Gardeners’ World, explained: “Depending on how perfect you want your lawn to appear and how fast it is growing, you should look to cut it once a week or once a fortnight.

“For a healthy-looking lawn, aim to cut it about 4cm high in spring and autumn, and 2cm high during the summer.”

Warmer weather is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean rainy days are left behind, so avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet.

The expert said the lawnmower will not be able to slide through the grass well and lawnmowers can easily get clogged up.

Thea continued: “If you have a sad or damaged lawn, the best way to fix this is by aerating the lawn. This means making holes in the lawn to break up the compacted ground and allow water to pass through.

“It also helps to prevent poor drainage which can lead to moss. Lawn aerators can be bought for this, or if you don’t have a big lawn and feel like exercising, you can use a garden fork.

“Push the fork about 10cm deep and repeat every 10cm to 15cm. Once the aerating is done, rake the lawn and spread grass seed over the top.

“Then dress with a lawn top dressing, a sandy soil which is spread thinly over the top of the whole lawn. It will help to improve the soil structure and prevent thatch. This also helps to keep the lawn level, and can be used to fill in any hollows in the lawn.”

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All of these steps will help the lawn stay nice and green, which will enable gardeners to achieve a “football pitch-like lawn with perfect lines and stripped patterns.”

As well as this, if you are looking to achieve the perfect lawn, make sure to buy a mower which has a roller attachment, an “essential” for creating the “picture-perfect” grass.

The garden expert noted: “Start by mowing around the perimeter of your lawn to establish clear boundaries. Then, cut the rest of the lawn by moving in straight lines, continuing up and down the entire length of the area.

“The roller will bend the grass blades in different directions, creating the contrasting stripe pattern. To complete the polished look, pay attention to the edges of your lawn. Regularly cut the edges to maintain a neat and well-defined finish.”

If you have a difficult lawn which is uneven or sloping, make sure to mow across the slope, from side-to-side to make the job easier.

For steep lawns, invest in a new lawn mower which is a hover-type as these are often the ideal choice for steep lawns.

The pro added: “If your lawn has uneven terrain with dips or hollows, it’s advised to fill them in before mowing. 

“If filling isn’t feasible, a strimmer would be my preferred tool for the job because it makes the job easier.”

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