Meet the Sexiest Handymen Alive! Chip Gaines, Carter Oosterhouse and More

“My dad and my granddad before that—they were all handy guys,” says Gaines, who just announced he and wife Joanna will be returning to TV with their own network, in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, out now. “Dad would wake up and say, ‘Son, we’re gonna build a fence. Let’s get the materials.’ And I was always a chip off the old block, no pun intended. When I got into my 20s, I realized I’d rather mow somebody’s grass than be in a cubicle. I became very passionate about the things Jo and I do for a living.” Joanna loves the perks of being a handyman’s wife. “He can literally fix anything!” she says.

“There aren’t many things that I don’t like doing” when it comes to carpentry and construction, says Oosterhouse, who has “had my hands in just about every room” remodeling the 100-year-old Michigan farmhouse he shares with his wife, actress Amy Smart, and their 23-month-old daughter Flora. “I like to work on stuff, and sometimes I leave a mess,” he says. “But Amy makes it pretty. We’re a good team.”

The unmarried carpenter is a renaissance handyman—able to build furniture and fix leaks. “I even taught myself to weld from watching YouTube,” he says. A former stuntman, rock-climbing guide and still a singer-songwriter, he lives in an Airstream that he renovated himself. And he’s modest to boot. “I think it’s cool to not care about how your butt looks,” he says. “Although the plumber crack is so classic. I don’t think anybody wants that to go away.”

Jonathan (left), who is single, admits that his profession makes him popular with women. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a first date and it’s ended with me dropping her off and fixing something. Sometimes I’m pretty confident she broke it just before I got there!” Drew, who married Linda Phan in May, has noticed that “the littlest of things can make the biggest impact. Nothing turns Linda on like when I take out the trash!”

The former NFL cornerback, who renovates homes with his ex-girlfriend on their Flip or Flop spin-off, works out five times a week: “My goal is that when people look at me, they say, ‘Well, I can see that he used to play professional football.’” He has a way with curb appeal and artistic tile designs, but Jenkins says the average guy can impress others with three simple tools: “a screwdriver, a flashlight and a hammer. You can do a lot with those things.”

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