Mini sculptures are here to elevate your mantelpiece and bookshelves

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Take your mantel game to the next level with these creative mini sculptures from Hay, Abigail Ahern and more.

Obsessed with sculptures but looking to take your mantel to the next level? Then miniature sculptures might be the way to go.

From interesting abstract shapes to ancient Greek-inspired busts, these sculptures fit just about any interior style and are perfect for creating the shelf of your dreams – and with our selection, you’ll find a style and shape that will suit you perfectly.

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  • Hay W&S mogul sculpture

    Mini-sculptures: Hay W&S mogul sculpture

    This decorative and functional object will look like a piece of art on your mantel or shelf and can stand out perfectly on its own or among other minimalist designs.

    Shop Hay W&S mogul sculpture, £25


  • Abigail Ahern Galina sculpture

    Mini-sculptures: Abigail Ahern Galina sculpture

    This Galina statue will instantly elevate your space, thanks to its interesting yet simplistic design.

    Shop Abigail Ahern Galina sculpture, £15.50


  • Olive & Sage pink flocked Venus figure

    Mini-sculptures: Olive & Sage pink flocked Venus figure

    Made from stone powder and resin, this vibrant pink statuette will be a lovely touch on your tabletop thanks to its unique design and striking presence.

    Shop Olive & Sage pink flocked Venus figure, £28


  • Bitossi Rimini blu ceramic dachshund figure

    Mini-sculptures: Bitossi Rimini blu ceramic dachshund figure

    If you’re looking for a quirky addition to your decor, this blue ceramic figure will do the job (especially for the dog lovers out there).

    Shop Bitossi Rimini blu ceramic dachshund figure, £55


  • Hay WS little lion sculpture

    Mini-sculptures: Hay WS little lion sculpture

    Inspired by the space where digital and physical forms meet, this Wang & Söderström sculpture will add a unique element to your interiors and serve as a miniature piece of art.

    Shop Hay WS little lion sculpture, £25


  • Home Luxurys abstract thinker statue

    Mini-sculptures: Home Luxurys abstract thinker statue

    Whether it’s placed in your home office, coffee table or shelf, this abstract sculpture will grab everyone’s attention no matter where it’s situated.

    Shop Home Luxurys abstract thinker statue at Etsy, £15.00


  • Vilija Lioranciene abstract miniature sculpture

    Mini-sculptures: Vilija Lioranciene abstract miniature sculpture

    Artist Vilija Lioranciene says she was inspired by the round shapes of nature when creating this piece, from flowers to shells – and you can take a piece of that home with you with this stunning design, made of white porcelain.

    Shop Vilija Lioranciene abstract miniature sculpture at Saatchi Art, £144


  • Lineasette female famous face sculpture #2

    Mini-sculptures: Lineasette female famous face sculpture #2

    Stylised illustrations are the inspiration behind this face sculpture, which features a woman with half-closed eyes in pleasant conversation with her companion, who is listening and smiling with his chin up. 

    Shop Lineasette female famous face sculpture #2 at Artemest, £145


  • Architectmade penguin small

    Mini-sculptures: Architectmade penguin small

    This elegant design mirrors the likeness of the aquatic bird with a hand-painted back that details the animal’s plumage.

    Shop Architectmade penguin small at FrankBros, £89


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