Monty Don: ‘Essential’ way to keep houseplants ‘happier’ in winter – ‘takes a minute’

Gardeners' World: How to care for houseplants

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Monty Don, who regularly shares gardening advice online and on television, also shares care tips when it comes to indoor plants. Houseplants, which have grown in popularity in recent years, are typically very easy to care for. However, during the winter months, when the heating is on, they may need a little bit of extra maintenance.

Speaking in a recent BritBox video, Monty Don shared the “essential” tool all houseplant owners should have. Monty explained: “Most houses are too hot and too dry.

“This is an essential piece of kit, a mister. If you mist the leaves of houseplants for an awful lot of them, that will make them happier than anything else.

“In the morning give the plants a mist, job done.”

Misting houseplants is a very simple but effective way of boosting their humidity levels.

It can be done every day in the morning to allow them to dry out throughout the day.

What’s more, misting can actually help prevent overwatering indoor plants, a common problem that houseplant owners face.

Misters can be picked up from several retailers including garden centres.

Symptoms of an overwatered houseplant include drooping leaves and leaves turning brown.

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To help combat this, plants should be placed in a well-drained pot and be watered less often.

In a recent social media video, Monty reiterated his misting advice.

He said: “It only takes a minute and ideally you do it where you don’t have too many soft furnishings.

“If the foliage is running with water, that will keep them happy and healthy when your house is toasty and warm.”

It is recommended to use warm water when misting the plants to help them boost their humidity levels.

Whilst watering helps plants grow and flourish, feeding them can also encourage strong growth.

Monty explained: “Every plant that is grown in a container will sooner or later need a supplementary feed because it will exhaust the available nutrients inside the pot.

“If you overfeed, it will result in overly lush soft tissue and soft growth that is much more prone to disease and predation.

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“The key is to feed when the plant is actively growing.

“You want to encourage lush growth and lots of greenery.”

Plants typically need feeding during the spring and summer months because they are dormant during the winter.

Those who have succulents and cacti do not need to feed them at all.

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