Monty Don: Gardening expert shares ‘classic symptoms’ of an overwatered house plant

Monty Don explains symptoms of ‘overwatered plants’

Gardening expert Monty Don has been appearing on British TV screens for years. The broadcaster and expert horticulturalist hosts a plethora of shows including Gardeners’ World. He often shares expert tips with viewers on everything from planting trees to looking after house plants.

Earlier this year in a video for the BritBox, Monty shared his top tips on saving house plants.

From overwatering, different climates and using the correct plant pot, Monty explained exactly what indoor plants needed, including how to identify the “classic symptoms” of an overwatered house plant.

Monty showed viewers exactly what an overwatered house plant looked like with browning leaves and shrivelled-looking stalks.

He explained that the reason the plant has become overwatered, is due to the pot it has been placed in.

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He said: “If I look at the pot, it’s got no drainage holes of any kind and what’s been happening, I suspect, is they watered it and the water has sat inside what is effectively a jar.

“It’s got too wet and it’s showing classic symptoms of an overwatered plant which are drooping leaves that are turning brown.

“So never keep any house plant in an undrained container unless you let it drain completely.”

Monty explained further that sometimes it can also be down to the climate inside a house that can cause his plants to be distressed.

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He said most house plants like certain conditions, with most houses in the UK not being right for plants.

“A lot of house plants, particularly foliage ones like the aspidistra, like dark cool damp conditions,” he said.

He added: “Most houses are too hot and too dry so this is an essential piece of kit – a mister.

“If you mist the leaves of houseplants, for an awful lot of them, that will make them happier than anything else.

“So just in the morning give this cheese plant a mist like that – job done.”

He then showed viewers how to mist a cheese plant.

The gardening expert held the mister away from the plant and misted water onto its leaves.

Monty also said to look at the bottom of your house plants to see whether they need replanting.

He showed viewers a healthy spider plant which needed replanting as its roots protruded out from the bottom of the pot.

He used compost and perlite to make sure the plant had “good drainage”.

If gardeners can’t get hold of perlite, he said to use vermiculite or grit.

The expert mixed the compost and grit together before putting it in a pot with the spider plant.

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