Monty Don shares ‘classic symptoms’ of an overwatered houseplant – how to rescue it

The Home Depot outlines common houseplant issues

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Sharing houseplant advice in a recent BritBox YouTube video, Monty shared the “classic symptoms” of an overwatered houseplant. The expert started by showing viewers that the houseplant pot was causing it to drown in water.

He explained: “The problem is in my hand because if I take it [plant] out of this rather attractive grey pot, it’s in a standard plastic pot.

“It’s a lysis of feather but if I look at the pot it’s in, no drainage holes of any kind.

“What’s been happening I suspect is it’s been watered and the water has sat inside what is effectively a jar and it’s got too wet.”

Overwatering a plant of any kind can lead to it rotting.

This is especially important to consider during the winter months, when houseplants need a lot less water than in the summer.

Monty added: “It’s showing classic symptoms of an overwatered plant.”

The expert explained that the plant had dropping leaves that were turning brown.

He continued: “Never keep any houseplant in an undrained container unless when you water it, you do so and let it drain completely.”

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Generally, it takes about a week for most plants to recover from overwatering.

However this isn’t guaranteed which is why steps should be taken initially to ensure it doesn’t drown.

In order to try and rescue a dying houseplant, owners should remove the dead or drying leaves as well as move it into the shade.

If the roots have begun to rot, cut off the affected roots to prevent the infection from spreading.

Repotting the pot into a new one with drainage holes is also a good idea.

To help prevent overwatering, Monty recently shared a video explaining how to take care of houseplants during the winter months on Twitter.

The expert recommended investing in a misting spray bottle.

He said: “The secret is to give the plants a generous spray at least one a day.”

Misting houseplants is a very simple but effective way or increasing their humidity.

Monty added: “It only takes a minute and ideally you do it where you don’t have many soft furnishings.

“If the foliage is running with water, that will keep them healthy and happy when your house is toasty and warm.”

It is recommended to use tepid water and to mist the plants early in the morning so they have the day to dry out.

Houseplants which thrive in humidity will thank owners for being regularly misted.

This includes the snake plant, prayer plant and fern.

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