‘Most critical thing you can do’: Lawn care tips to do in March for ‘great-looking’ grass

Homebase offers advice for preparing your lawn in March

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Garden lawns are often left to the elements over the winter months. Cold spells, torrential rain and frost can often take their toll. With spring just around the corner, March is the perfect month to get lawns in shape ready for the summer months ahead.

Lawn expert David Hedges-Gowers has shared his tips in a video for Homebase UK on how to achieve a “great-looking” lawn in time for summer.

The expert said gardeners should get out in the garden as fast as they can.

He said: “Now we’re in March, I’m going to give you a few simple hints and tips to ensure you’ve got a great-looking lawn in time for summer.

“The first thing I suggest you do is get in the garden as quickly as you possibly can.

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“Take your lawn rake with you, break up as much of the dead twigs and the leaves as you possibly can which will let air back in and let a bit of light back in so your lawn can actually start to recover after that long winter period.

“Aeration is probably the most critical thing you’ll ever do to your lawn.

“It is the process of adding oxygen into your soil profile.”

David said there are several “simple” benefits of aerating a lawn:

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1. De-compacting

Aeration allows the ground to “breathe” after months of compaction.

The process of aeration includes removing lots of plugs from the lawn.

2. Drainage

Aeration also improves drainage in a lawn.

It allows water to move through the soil rather than sitting on the top.

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This also allows the top of the lawn to dry out.

3. Fertilisers

Aeration also allows fertilisers to work more effectively.

David added: “If you’ve got a very small lawn or even a small area that you want to aerate you can use a hollow tine fork.

“But for ease of use on a larger lawn you might want to consider hiring a powered machine.”

Gardeners can also scarify their lawns in March.

David said scarification is the removal of dead organic matter and moss that’s built up.

“Once you’ve removed it your grass can actually start to breathe, and new grass can start to flourish,” he said.

The lawn expert said it’s best to care for a lawn “little and often”.

He added: “Doing it on a yearly basis means that your recovery will be far quicker and you will end up with a far nicer look.”

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