Mowing lawns is a ‘priority’ in June – expert suggests how often to mow yours

This Morning: 'UK’s best lawn-fluencer' shares his best mowing tips

Mowing lawns is an important task during the summer months, especially for those who like a manicured finish.

Lawns should ideally be mowed in the mid-morning as this will avoid burning or damage.

Warmer temperatures and moisture mean lawns will grow densely and need cutting more often to control growth.

Harry Bodell from has suggested how often gardeners need to mow their lawns this month.

He exclusively told “You can start mowing your lawn once a week, but if the weather is still dry you can stick to fortnightly mowing as the grass won’t grow so quickly.

“Add a slow-release fertiliser if you think your lawn needs a bit of help.

“If conditions are very dry, lightly spike the ground and water it.

“Do this in the morning, so the water soaks into the lawn rather than evaporating.”

Fiona Jenkins from, the UK’s leading trades matching site, said mowing “is a priority now”.

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The gardening expert also said June is when gardeners should start mowing their lawns once a week.

She told “Ideally, you need to allow the cuttings to fall back onto the lawn to feed it.

“This is also the time that you need to start cutting long grass with bulbs.

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“You don’t need to worry too much about watering the lawn during dry weather.

“Instead, mow less close to the ground and less frequently.

“If you notice any dead patches on the lawn, these will likely recover when autumn comes around.”

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