‘No brainer’: British mum’s life-changing lawn advice – ‘my time is very precious’

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August is a chemical-free gardener who embraces nature within her stunning garden. The founder of Seed Explorers, encouraging children to grow their own food, spoke about her lawn. August is a Raymond Blanc Garden School Tutor and presents on Tring Radio – as well as sharing her garden on @augusts_garden. She told Express.co.uk readers she doesn’t mow her lawn.

“I am very much all for growing food not lawn,” August said.

Her reasons for deciding not to grow a lawn include saving on water, as well as a wish to better use her time.

“Lawns can be time-consuming. Also to maintain a lush green lawn you need huge amounts of water,” she said.

“I’m more of a wild lawn kind of girl, letting the weeds and flowers run free, enticing pollinators into the garden.”

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Many more gardeners are opting to grow wild lawns, eschewing the popular manicured lawn.

Creating a mini meadow in your garden has a number of benefits, to you and to wildlife.

Known as “wildscaping”, introducing long grass and wildflowers to your lawn can add whimsy to your garden, as well as bring along bees and butterflies.

There are various ways to do this. One is simply allowing your grass to grow.

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You will find as your garden grows free it will begind to prouce tall daisies, dandelions and clover.

Gardeners can mow a path through their new wildflower garden or section off areas of a large garden to allow it to grow.

It is also an option is to grow a wildflower border, sowing a wildflower seed mix with grass seed.

August uses her time in the garden to grow vegetables, rather than tend to a lawn.

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She said: “By growing food instead of lawn you can dramatically reduce your carbon emissions so for me it’s a no-brainer.

“My time is very precious and the thing that’s connected me with gardening the most is teaching my children the importance of living a sustainable life and actually knowing how to grow their own food.

“This deeper relationship with nature and the environment is more educational and seeing the girls fill their baskets with food is much more rewarding than any lawn.”

April recently discussed weeding on the lawn, too, and admitted her approach is “controversial” as she embraces weeds “wholeheartedly” in her lawn. 

She explained: “It’s not all about perfect lawns, I actually find more beauty in the imperfections.

“I let large parts of the lawn grow into a wildflower maze for the children to run through and create memories. This is also a great place for the wildlife to hide out and take refuge.”

April recently discussed mowing her lawn, telling readers she was shocked when her plants thrived after trying a new technique. 

She said: “Last year I reduced my watering by 60 percent and I couldn’t quite believe how my plants continued to thrive.

“It was a really great lesson to learn and that’s what I love the most about gardening, it’s a constant learning curve.”

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