‘Number 1’ tip to keep flowers ‘extremely fresh’ – avoid ‘shortening their life’

Sweet-scented and bursting with colour, peonies are a common fixture in homes across the UK at this time of year as they bloom from late spring to early summer eve during the hot weather.

Knowing exactly how to care for flowers like these can help “maximise their benefits and lifespan”, according to florist Maryam Ghani of Haute Florist.

She said: “As summer approaches, peonies fast become one of the most popular flowers due to their vibrant shades and sweet aroma.

“And with a few simple tips, you can really make the most out of this beautiful species.”

Maryam shared that her “number one tip” to keep flowers “extremely fresh” is down to the water.

The florist said: “Aim to clean and refill your vase around every two to three days and keep a close eye on the water levels.

“Be careful not to use warm water, however, as this can shorten their lifespan.”

The expert claimed that when it comes to peonies, if they are left in a warm room “they will bloom quicker” so it’s best to keep them at a medium temperature so they “last longer.”

For flowers like peonies to last as long as possible, Maryam also suggests trimming them down the right way.

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She said: “I would advise cutting the stems at an angle and with the flower heads basically being a ball when they arrive in bud.

“It’s also important to ensure the stem is cut to the height of the vase so they don’t snap.

“If you happen to notice some discolouration at the bottom of the stem, it’s wise to cut off past that point.”

The florist claimed that by following these steps, owners should help “maximise the lifespan of these summer favourites” and mean they can enjoy them for “as long as possible”.

Peonies traditionally bloom from late April onwards, making them a common feature in gardens and homes across the UK.

They come in a range of beautiful colours, including pink, red, orange, yellow and white, and can even change colours as they bloom.

These flowers are considered by many people to symbolise good luck, love and prosperity, making them a popular gift for loved ones.

The lifespan of a peony bouquet often ranges from six to 10 days, but caring for them correctly can extend this by a few days.

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