Short on space? Loaf’s first ever squish-packed sofa may be the answer to your problems

If you’re looking for a small room-friendly sofa, Loaf’s Brioche sofa might be just what you need.

When it comes to small spaces, finding furniture that looks great without taking up the space of an entire room is key.

It’s something that many struggle with, particularly Londoners and other city dwellers who find themselves living in cosy quarters that may have endless charm but not endless space.

Luckily, Loaf has created a compact sofa to give your home the ultimate statement furniture without half the hassle of manoeuvring it up never-ending stairs and taking up more space than you can handle.

The furniture brand has launched three brand new space-friendly sofas, including a squish-pack (its version of flat-pack) option. 

Specially designed to fit through tricky spaces, the Brioche is Loaf’s first sofa that arrives squish-packed for easy access.

The compact packaging means Loaf’s delivery crew can easily manoeuvre the sofa into tight spaces or homes with awkward or narrow entryways. Although, we’ll warn you now: do still double-check the measurements of your chosen chair before hitting the ‘order’ button. This is a smaller sofa in more compact packaging… it’s not magic. 

Loaf’s delivery team will assemble the sofa, but should you need to move the sofa later down the line, squish-pack sofas are apparently a doddle to take back apart and put back together.

These sorts of flatpack, compact sofas offer flexibility for customers who want certainty that the furniture will fit; after all, no one wants to recreate that infamous Friends moment where Ross, Rachel and Chandler are desperately trying to carry a sofa up the stairs, do they?

Loaf’s Brioche sofa will be available to purchase next month online and in-store.

But if you’re looking for other small-space-friendly sofas, there are countless options you can go for – and we’ve listed a few others that combine both style and functionality into one.

  • Snug The Big Chill 3-seater sofa

    Flat-pack furniture: Snug the big chill 3 seater sofa

    All Snug sofas are packaged in multiple boxes that are small enough to fit in tight spaces, including lifts, staircases and narrow doorways, making this sofa the perfect addition to small living spaces.

    Shop Snug the big chill 3-seater sofa


  • Next Mila compact 2-seater ‘sofa in a box’

    Flat-pack furniture: Next Mila compact 2 seater ‘sofa in a box’

    If there’s one colour that exudes class and sophistication, it’s royal blue – and you can inject that into your home with this compact two-seater sofa.

    Shop Next Mila compact 2 seater ‘sofa in a box’, £450


  • Mano Mano smart sofa in a box

    Flat-pack [email protected] Mano Mano smart sofa in a box

    This two-seater sofa is a smart solution for compact spaces, thanks to its rectangular frame, which will complement different interior styles and give your home the stylish and comfortable upgrade you desire.

    Shop Mano Mano smart sofa in a box, £299


Images: Loaf; Snug; Next; Mano Mano

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