‘Shrivels the buds’: Orchid care expert shares ‘important’ tip for positioning orchids

Orchids: Expert shares tips for looking after plant

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Orchids can be fussy when it comes to their home environment. There are more than 25,000 documented species of orchids throughout the world which can be found across various continents. Different species can survive in different habitats with some being found in tropical rainforests and others close to the Arctic Circle.

Orchids found in UK homes are most commonly Phalaenopsis, also known as moth orchids.

The plants like a consistent temperature and indirect sunlight.

However, one flower expert has shared an “important” tip for positioning an orchid to avoid the plant’s buds shrivelling.

M&S Flower expert Simon Richards said orchid owners needs to “avoid draughts”.

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He said: “You really want to put your orchid in a good light.

“No direct sunlight though so not a south-facing window sill or a window but east, north or west is perfect.

“It’s also important that you don’t put your orchid in a draught. They don’t like that.

“What it tends to do is shrivel the buds.

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“You’ve got all these lovely buds which are future flowers but put them in a draught and you run the risk of these shrivelling.”

Orchids also don’t like being close to radiators or heating vents.

The plant can be placed under artificial grow lights if there isn’t an appropriate location for the orchid inside a home.

Bathrooms are one of the best places for orchids.

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Most bathrooms offer indirect sunlight and lots of humidity thanks to steamy showers and baths.

Simon also explained why orchids are often sold in transparent pots.

“This is the grower pot. This is how the orchids are grown on before we actually sell them,” he said.

It may be tempting to repot the orchid, but this isn’t necessary straight away.

Instead, orchid owners can put the orchid in a decorative pot and dressed with more bark or moss.

Simon explained: “You don’t really need to repot. That orchid will be fine in that pot for at least two years.

“So you can top dress with moss or with orchid bark.

“But just drop them in the sitting container, don’t feel tempted to take them out.”

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