Spoilers: A panic attack, a showdown and a betrayal in Home and Away

This week on Home and Away, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is surprised by Karen’s (Georgia Adamson) response to the news that she can’t see Jai (River Jarvis). Instead of exploding as he thought, his mum is surprisingly calm and accepts Amber’s (Madeleine Jevic) decision. Dean becomes frustrated himself, knowing that Karen has changed, and comes up with a plan to give his mum what she wants after all..

Elsewhere, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) finish their camping trip and return to the Bay with a fresh outlook on the situation with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams). While the Paratas had been shutting everyone out before, Tane says that now is the time for support. Nikau and Bella are reunited, and Tane has a steamy reunion with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). But will this be enough for what’s to come?

Meanwhile, Theo (Matt Evans) has been on tenterhooks waiting for his court hearing, and once the day finally arrives he learns that not only is he doing community service, he’s got a criminal conviction. Full of fury, he confronts Alf (Ray Meagher) inside the Diner – he knows exactly why Alf did this, it was to deal with his own guilt over dropping the ball with his grandson. Alf is silent – will Theo’s words make an impact or has the newcomer made his beef with Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) granddad even worse?

Here’s what’s coming up on Home and Away for the week beginning Monday March 28.

Dean surprises Karen by giving her access to Jai

Dean is surprised when Karen reacts quietly to the news that Amber has banned her from ever meeting Jai. His surprise turns to frustration – why can’t Amber see that Karen has changed? However, he comes up with a plan and gets some time with Jai in the Bay. As he plays football with his son on the beach, Ziggy leads Karen along the seafront and points them out. Karen is overjoyed – but this turns to elation when John pulls up in the Polaris. He’s taking her down to meet her grandson…

Tane and Nikau return to the Bay with a new perspective

Tane and Nikau have been focused on warrior training for the last few days during their camping trip, and after some frustrations on Nikau’s part he is finally finding his feet. Tane gifts him his father’s Taiaha, and tells him that it’s time to return home and face what is coming. Once the pair are back in the Bay, Tane realises it’s time to change his perspective on the family closing ranks. Now is the time to be supported, not push people away…

Chloe holds herself responsible for breaking Mia’s heart

The blows keep coming for the Paratas as Ari is denied bail in custody and Mia realises she will never get her dream wedding. Chloe faintly notices her mother’s pain, but she is too focused on keeping herself together to support her. Mia quickly regroups, coming up with another way to have a wedding, and she tries to get her daughter enthused by suggesting a shopping trip for dresses. However, Chloe can’t keep up her appearances and reveals how she’s feeling – because she got Ari locked up, she considers herself responsible for breaking Mia’s heart…

Karen is horrified to run into Brett inside the Surf Club

Karen has been focusing on the news that she has a grandson, but both Dean and Ziggy have been trying relentlessly to get her to speak more about this Brett she’s running away from. However, Karen is a locked vault and won’t open up. This leads Dean to take drastic action and go through his mum’s phone, reading the texts from Brett. He then comes up with a plan and rushes Karen to Salt for breakfast. Karen is confused by the hurry, but then Brett appears behind them. Karen is furious that he managed to track her down, and a heated argument soon unfolds…

Ryder has another panic attack after becoming trapped at work

Ryder has been struggling with panic attacks after the Buried Alive prank, and to make matters worse Roo and Alf have been constantly at each other’s throats at home. Feeling he only has work as a place to try and relax, he is faced with another obstacle – new employee Felicity, who just wants to have fun. Ryder goes to the storeroom to pick up some supplies, but when he goes to leave he realises the door is jammed. Flashbacks of being trapped in the coffin overwhelm him and the panic swiftly sets in…

Tane realises Felicity will fit well into the Parata family

Tane has returned to the Bay with a new perspective – it’s time to accept support instead of closing the ranks. With this in mind, he goes to see Felicity, who is surprised but elated to have him back. The next morning they wake up in bed together and Tane confides in her about how he doubts his ability to keep the family together. He then invites her to a family dinner, and Felicity is delighted. She soon fits into the family dynamic, messing around with Chloe and Bella online to find wedding dresses, and Tane realises that they might be losing Ari, but perhaps they will gain Felicity…

Theo has some choice words for Alf after his court hearing

Theo and Justin prepare themselves for a day in court, and it’s clear Theo is uncharacteristically nervous. The reality of his situation has set in – he could be looking at a criminal conviction, which will follow him for the rest of his life. The results of the hearing come in – he’s got a record, and an order for community service. Furious, Theo unleashes his anger on Alf when he sees him in the Diner – everyone knows that Alf has been looking for someone to blame for Ryder’s coffin disaster, and Theo was a good target. But, challenges Theo, what part does Alf himself have to play in it?

Mackenzie walks in on Neve and Logan kissing in the motel

Mackenzie has an awkward run-in with Logan outside the Surf Club – he’s going to pick up a takeaway for himself and Neve as they continue to stay together in a motel. When Dean finds out that Logan has left Mackenzie alone in the Pier Apartment, he is furious and swiftly marches up to the motel to punch Logan in the face. Mackenzie is outraged that her brother took action without consulting her, and goes to the motel to fight for her relationship – only to be confronted by Neve and Logan kissing on the sofa…

Jasmine has a proposal for Cash – but will it work out?

Cash and Jasmine return from their romantic city getaway, and Irene notices how loved-up the pair are. Jasmine gushes about her romance to Irene once Cash has left, and Irene says that Cash can move in with them if that’s what she wants. Jasmine is elated, and sets up a takeaway dinner on the Pier so she can pop the question. But to her surprise, Cash abruptly rejects the idea and walks away without an explanation. Has Jasmine misjudged their entire relationship?

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