Spoilers: Mackenzie and Colby on the rocks in Home and Away

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has been struggling to see Colby (Tim Franklin) lately due to him being tied up with the situation with Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Robbo (Jake Ryan).

She plans to treat him to a picnic, but this doesn’t happen as he is helping Jasmine to get through her distress at not knowing where Robbo is.

Colby goes to Salt later on to apologise to Mackenzie, and she is sympathetic about how exhausted he must be. But the next day, Bella (Courtney Miller) joins her on the beach and reveals Colby didn’t come home last night.

Mackenzie is alarmed, but Bella says this isn’t unusual – he’s a cop, after all. However, Mackenzie starts to compare her relationship with Jasmine and Robbo’s, realising that it might never be easy to be with someone who has such a dangerous job.

Bella sees that Mackenzie is having doubts about Colby and isn’t impressed. She vents to Dean (Patrick O’Connor), and doesn’t listen when he tells her to let them work it out.

Instead, she storms into Salt and confronts Mackenzie. While she is taken aback, she admits to Dean that she’s having second thoughts about Colby once Bella has gone.

Dean says that if she’s going to break up with Colby, she should at least do it quickly…

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