Spoilers: Secret turmoil for Ava in Home and Away

Justin’s (James Stewart) daughter Ava (Alice Roberts) has been staying in Summer Bay while Nina (Zoe Naylor) and Brian (Tom O’Sullivan) navigate a messy divorce, but Ava’s turbulent mood has left Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) worried that something more could be going on than his daughter is telling them.

In the morning, Ava’s phone rings, and Justin sees it’s Brian. He encourages her to talk to her stepdad, but she brushes it off, saying she’ll call him later.

However, Leah approaches Justin later on, Ava’s phone in hand. She says she found it in the dog kennel, with 15 missed calls from Brian on the screen. Justin questions her about the phone, but she says she put the phone away as she was sick of it ringing all the time.

Justin calls Brian to work out why Ava has been ignoring him and finds out that Brian didn’t even know Ava was with him. Nina hasn’t been keeping him in the loop, and he had shown up to pick her up from practise only to find she wasn’t there.

While Brian has been trying to find out from Ava what’s going on, Nina tells Justin on the phone later on that she simply forgot to tell him his stepdaughter was in the Bay. Leah and Justin are suspicious, but then they overhear Ava clearly getting grilled by her mother on the phone.

Justin finds out Nina has been telling Ava to avoid Brian’s calls, and swiftly steps in to intercept the call. He tells Nina that she needs to be protecting their daughter from her marriage drama, not dragging her into them.

He hangs up and tells Ava none of the situation is her fault. Then he decides he will do whatever it takes to make his daughter feel safe and secure – once he’s worked out how…

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