Spoilers: Ziggy and her baby in danger after collapse at work in Home and Away?

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) has been struggling with bad morning sickness since discovering she’s pregnant, and she’s both upset and annoyed that her illness is

disrupting her entire life. Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is concerned for her wellbeing, especially as she’s still working at the garage full-time, and encourages her to tell Justin (James Stewart) about the pregnancy.

Although Ziggy agrees that her manager needs to know, she stalls and tells Dean she just needs to find the right time. However, her attempts to begin the conversation with Justin grind to a halt when he offers her a promotion – an opportunity she’s wanted for years.

Ziggy bites her tongue about the pregnancy, deciding that becoming a mother shouldn’t sabotage her opportunities. However, Dean is frustrated with her – why would he accept the promotion without telling Justin about the baby? Ziggy’s stubborn streak comes out, though – she doesn’t want to be held back as a pregnant woman.

Continuing with her determination to be a working mother, Ziggy works at the garage alone. She’s distracted by rolls of nausea as she works on a car, and ends up breathing in chemical solvent. The room starts spinning, and she collapses on the garage floor. Alone, pregnant and unconscious, are Ziggy and her baby in danger?

When Tane (Ethan Browne) shows up for a car service, he’s shocked to see Ziggy on the floor. He immediately starts to call for help, but Ziggy starts waking up and is immediately focused on the fact the chemicals could have hurt the baby.

Tane reels – what baby? As Ziggy continues to struggle, Tane’s priority is getting her to hospital. Will she be OK – and has the unborn baby been harmed?

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