These are the 10 interiors items that everyone wants to learn how to style

Google has revealed its top 10 ‘how to style’ searches for interiors, and we’ve asked design experts to answer those conundrums

Whether you’re trying to put your own stamp on your room in a house share or curating your dream interiors wishlist for your first home, the chances are you’re always on the lookout for new ways to make your space look its best.

While some design fans head to Pinterest or scroll through Instagram posts for inspiration, others head to Google to answer their biggest styling conundrums – and the search engine has exclusively revealed the top 10 trending ‘how to style’ search queries for interiors in 2022.

To make things that little bit easier for you, we’ve quizzed two interiors experts on the best (and easiest) ways to make these items stand out in your home.

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Sage green bedding

M&S X FIRED EARTHWashed Cotton Duvet Cover

Sage green is such a relaxing shade that it’s no surprise it’s a popular choice for bedrooms. Contrasting it with bright white soft furnishings is a very modern approach that really emphasise the hue of the green, says interior designer Nicola Rodriguez. For a more classic effect, she suggests balancing sage with grey or deep teal.

“Mustard yellow or a warm orange, which are also very on trend this year, would adversely add contrast and warmth to your space and fits perfectly with sage,” adds Jenny Chu, interiors expert at Rezigo.

Pictured: M&S x Fired Earth washed cotton duvet cover, £35-£65


Dillow 10 Piece Floating Shelf by Wayfair, from £82.99

If you’re dreaming of Pinterest-perfect, colour-coordinated shelves but find that your efforts just get drowned in clutter, Rodriguez recommends placing objects in small groups of odd numbers, either on their own or as a three or a five to counter this.

For bookworms, stacking your hardbacks vertically as well as horizontally gives off an effortless look, Chu says, while the horizontal approach also gives you a chance to put an ornament with a pop of colour on top of the books to add some variety to your shelves.

Pictured: Dillow 10 Piece Floating Shelf by Wayfair, from £82.99

TV unit

“When styling a TV unit you don’t want it to be too busy, as you don’t want any distractions from your favourite shows and movies,” Chu says. “Here I’d recommend small accessories such as candles, succulents and ornaments of varying sizes and textures that fit into your theme.”

A throw

What’s the best way to style a throw so that it doesn’t look too, well, thrown onto the bed? “I always fold it into three and place near the bottom… leaving a gap approximately 30cm from the end,” Rodriguez says. If you have a footstool, she recommends “the same way of folding but drape diagonally so it hangs over both sides”.

A throw basket could also be a great way to store and access your throw for those cold wintry nights, and could also act as another design piece, Chu adds.

A bed

This should be the “focal point of your bedroom”, Rodriguez advises. “Always tuck under your duvet cover [for] a crisp finish to your bed. Stack your pillows one on top of the other and use six cushions (three on each side) in front of each other.”

When you’re choosing pillows, opt for designs that incorporate the colours of your bedroom subtly, Chu suggests. “Then mix shapes, textures and patterns.” 

An oak console table

Oak console table by Tikamoon, £399

“The great thing about console tables is that you can maximise the space within the table, on top and even below it,” Chu says. “So add what you want to the top where that’s a lamp to light up your space or some family pictures. Then, if your console has a shelf underneath the top, stack books horizontally or add a folded blanket for a cosy feel.”

Pictured: Clovis solid oak console table by Tikamoon, £399


When styled correctly, panelling can make your room look bigger, Rodriguez says. “When it comes to colours, darker shades can create that dramatic look while lighter tones give a calm presence, and are a great idea for rooms with natural light.”

Whitewashing your wood not only lends “a chic farmhouse feel”, Chu says, but “brightens your space [and] adds texture to the room as you reveal the grain of the panelling”. 

A coffee table

Frances Woven Rattan Wooden Coffee Table in Black Colour by Daals, £109.99

This is not just somewhere to perch your mugs and magazines, but another focal area in your room, Rodriguez says. Make the most of this with a centrepiece, that can “change with the seasons”, Chu says, adding: “Day-to-day items on your coffee table such as coasters and books don’t have to be boring. Buy what you like and something that shows off who you are to make this space an essential part of your home style.”

Pictured: Frances Woven Rattan Wooden Coffee Table in Black Colour by Daals, £109.99

Lounge around a fireplace

On a more practical note, make sure you always have a fireguard, Rodriguez advises. Fires may spit, “and you don’t want your sofa or rug being burnt. I’ve learned this the hard way!” 

A Chesterfield sofa

Felix Velvet Chesterfield Sofa Bed£649

With its distinctive buttoned upholstery and scrolled arms, a Chesterfield sofa is a statement piece that’s both classic and cosy (and let’s face it, a green velvet version is probably somewhere near the top of your interiors wishlist). To make the most of its dramatic shape, Rodriguez recommends positioning it so you walk into the room and see the sofa head on, not from the back, and accessorising using cushions and throws in a contrasting shade. 

Pictured: Dunelm Felix velvet Chesterfield sofa bed, £649

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