This clever TikTok hack will make your bathroom feel as luxurious as a 5-star hotel

Give your bathroom a little update with this TikTok hack from design expert Julie Sousa.

A bathroom tends to serve many purposes.

It’s a place to get ready for the day ahead as we get into our skincare, make-up or hair routines; it’s also a place to relax in the tub while unwinding after a long day at work – and making it as appealing as possible can further improve these experiences.

After all, a bathroom filled with sprawling plants and sweet-smelling candles enhances the relaxing atmosphere of a space we spend so much time in. So what if there was a way to further improve that air of luxury – that kind we experience in hotels and spas – by bringing it into our own bathrooms.

Julie Sousa, a design expert and TikToker, has shared her hack for making a bathroom look more expensive with her million-plus followers.

In the clip, Sousa says that one way to make your bathroom more luxurious is by not leaving your bottles of shampoo, conditioners, shower gels and more in original containers and instead to purchase unlabelled uniform bottles that can be mounted on a wall.

“This will maximise space and give you an elevated look,” she advises.

In the clip, which received over 328,000 likes, Sousa also shared that she used waterproof command strips to mount the bottles and advises using waterproof labels for each of the bottles.

“TikTok always reminds me I’m lacking,” wrote one TikTok user, while another commented: “It really does maximise the space in my shower and gives it more of a glamorous touch that I’ve been looking for.”

I guess it’s time for all of us to give our bathrooms a quick little makeover.

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