This Genius Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Is Probably Something Your Sink Needs Right Now

Washing your hands has always been important for personal health and hygiene, but it’s more imperative than ever right now. When done properly, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) say it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. To properly clean, you’ll need hand soap, of course — and this touch-free dispenser will make hand washing that much easier and much more efficient. 

Designed with a non-drip valve and a high-efficiency pump, the popular Simplehuman device seamlessly dispenses soap onto your hands or sponge. The spout has a sensor that will automatically disburse soap when activated, ensuring no germs from unwashed hands will collect on it. It has amassed more than 1,500 positive reviews and an overall 4.4-star rating from shoppers who say they are putting one on every sink in their house. 

“We have four of these at home — that’s how much we like this product,” one reviewer wrote. “You can either use the Simplehuman soap or any other liquid soap you like. You can also change how much soap you’d like coming out in one shot.”

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The Simplehuman dispenser comes with a sample of the company’s soap that’s formulated to have the optimal consistency for the hands-free pump. But like the customer above mentioned, you can refill it with any of your personal favorites that you might already have around the house. (Note: Studies have shown hand soaps with antibacterial ingredients are no more effective than plain ones.)

“I love these dispensers. I have one at each sink in the house now, and have given a few of them as gifts to family, too,” another commented. “We use Mrs. Meyer’s liquid soap with these and haven’t had any issues. I love the idea of eliminating a germ transfer point in soap dispensers you have to physically touch. Much more flexible and less messy than an ordinary pump.” 

While it’s slightly more expensive than other touchless soap dispensers at $48, people say it’s worth shelling out the money for because it will last (one even claimed it lasted for 10 years!). “I have tried about four different brands and styles of automatic soap dispensers,” another wrote. “This is slightly on the high price side of my personal testing — AND WORTH EVERY DIME!”

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There are a number of key times when it’s important to wash your hands — such as before preparing food and after taking out the garbage — but it’s most crucial right now to do so, “especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing,” according to the CDC.

The organizations says you should follow these five steps for effective hand washing: First, wet your hands with clean water; then, apply soap, lathering the back of hands and between fingers; next, continue to scrub them for at least 20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song twice); next, rinse your soapy hands under running water; and finally, dry them on a clean towel or opt to air dry. 

Step two will be that much easier with the Simplehuman touch-free soap dispenser on your sink. We also rounded up a few other automatic soap dispensers that are still in stock on Amazon below, including one for under $35. 

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