Tori exits Home and Away as she is dragged away by police?

It’s the day of Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Jasmine’s (Sam Frost) wedding, but Tori (Penny McNamee) is unsure about whether to attend. When Justin (James Stewart) goes to find Tori, dressed for the big day, he sees she’s still in her pyjamas. She tells him she’s worried about how she’d ruin the ceremony if something were to go wrong with her or the baby. The last thing she wants to do is cause even more pain for the couple.

Justin reluctantly leaves for the wedding with Leah (Ada Nicodemou), saying he’ll be back to pick her up for the reception. Tori asks him to send her photos so she can stay in the loop. While home alone, she is sent the pictures as promised. Justin has snapped Jasmine entering the church in her dress, and the pair at the front making their vows.

When Justin and Leah return to pick up Tori, Justin is frustrated to find that she still isn’t dressed. He says that Robbo’s parents have been delayed due to car troubles, and then learns that Robbo’s parents are the reason she doesn’t want to go to the reception.

After much thought, Tori decides to go to the reception despite her fear of meeting Robbo’s parents as ‘the other woman’ who is having his baby. To Justin’s annoyance, she decides to take a shower first, slowing down the process.

As Tori tries to decide what to wear to the reception, a man knocks at their door and introduces himself as Scott, an office from the Australian Federal Police. He informs her that, for her own safety, Tori needs to come with him. Tori is taken aback and demands to know what’s going on, but Scott says he can’t explain now – she just needs to do as he says. Justin tries to intervene, but the police hold him back. Justin is forced to watch Tori dragged out of the door…

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