‘Transform outdoor space’ with simple painting job – DIY hacks for the best finish

B&Q: Expert shares advise for painting a room

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With the weather warm and dry, now is the perfect time to paint exterior walls and outbuildings. One structure that can start to look sorry for itself at this time of year are sheds. Sheds often look weathered at this time of year after surviving winter and spring.

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Now is the perfect time to refresh sheds with a lick of paint.

A good-looking garden shed can contribute to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space, and even become a wonderful outdoor entertaining spot during the summer months.

The home decor company Lick has shared their insights about how to best paint a shed, the best colour to use and how to transform an outdoor space.

Alex Glover, Lick Pro’s expert decorator, has shared his top tips for painting.

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Mr Glover said: “As England experiences one of the best summers in a while, we are seeing more and more individuals enjoy their garden, whether that be for entertaining or relaxing.

“The power of a well-presented garden shed is not to be undermined; you can transform your outdoor space and brighten up your garden just by giving your shed a fresh lick of paint.”

Choosing the right paint and colour

When picking the perfect shed shade, remember that this colour is going outside.

Sunshine, blue skies, clouds and even rain all have major roles in how the colour will appear and change.

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Ordering a sample first is a good idea so then you can see how the colour adapts in certain places and light.

Sheds in a small space can use exterior paint to make a garden appear bigger.

Lighter colours can open up a space and make it appear bigger.

When choosing paint for a shed, durability and wearability should be prioritised.

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The colour should wow a garden space but also stand the test of time.

The UK’s seasons can batter outdoor furniture and buildings.

The paint needs to be able to stand extreme heat, rain and wind.

Tools and preparation

DIYers need to make sure they use the right tools to paint a shed well.

Shed owners will need a mild cleaning solution, a bucket filled with water, cleaning sponge, sanding block, paint brush and a tin of weather-resistant exterior and masonry paint.

Preparation is key

There are a few essential prep steps to get a shed surface ready.

Make sure the shed’s surface is cleaned with a bucket of water and a cleaning solution before then sanding down any old, flaky bits of paint.

Make sure the surface is completely dry – never, ever paint a damp wood surface.

Those painting a previously painted surface, or a dramatically different colour, should apply a primer.

However, Lick paint is self-priming so can just be painted on.

Apply the paint evenly over the surface of the shed.

Wait for the paint to dry for at least four hours.

Use two full coats to give a professional paint job finish.

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