Use ‘brickwork trick’ to make your garden ‘appear bigger’ – ‘looks open and bright’

Garden expert shows off her stunning spring garden

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Garden space is at a premium like never before and can add serious value to a home. Learning how to make a small garden look bigger will not only help if you’re selling, but will make your time spent there all the better. Small garden ideas encompass all types of space from balconies and terraces to little lawns and petite patios. Whatever space you have, there are easy tricks to make the most of any limited outdoor space. From painting brickwork to planting vertically, a gardening expert at MyJobQuote has shared how to create the illusion of more space in gardens.

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote exclusively explained to that painting surrounding brickwork in the garden white will make a garden “appear bigger” than it really is.

She said: “Since white has brightening and lightening properties, this is often used to help make the most of small spaces. 

“Gardens can also benefit from this trick. 

“Choose white brickwork and white garden furniture to brighten the garden space and make it appear bigger and make it look open and bright.”

Similarly, a painted backdrop can help to “draw the eyes up and create the illusion of extra space and height”, according to Fiona.

She added: “A simple paint job with two block colours is a great way to jazz up the fencing in your garden.” 

Those gardeners limited on space can use planters as a “great way” to get more plants in “less space”. 

The gardening pro said: “You can plant multiple plants in each large planter. So it makes a lot of sense to use large planters rather than small pots. 

“Large planters also look very tidy and stylish, so they’re a great way of making use of the space.”

Since the horizontal space in the garden is limited if the garden is small, more plants can be added to the garden by planting vertically. 

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Fiona explained: “This will make your garden seem much fuller and, therefore, bigger. 

“Try using a vertical rack where you can place some small and medium-sized planters. 

“Plants that remain small are best for vertical use so that they don’t grow into each other.”

They are also certain plants gardeners should have if their gardens are small.

The gardening expert explained that planting blue flowers and plants at the edge of the garden can recede into the distance and make the garden appear more prominent.

She said: “Lavenders or blue agapanthus are great options for planting at the sides of the garden. 

“Try to avoid planting red or orange flowers near the fence, as this can make the edges appear closer.”

Sometimes it’s better to think big when it comes to a small garden. 

Many homes have tiny plants so adding taller plants and flowers can make the space look amazing, according to Fiona.

She said: “You have so many options with tall plants such as Verbascum, foxgloves, wild irises, honeysuckles, and jasmine. 

“Make use of these tall risers and plants around arches, walls, or fences.”

Keeping everything trimmed is crucial no matter how small or large a garden is. Long grass and overgrown plants can make it seem much more cramped. 

Fiona said: “Keep on top of cutting the grass to make your garden seem much neater. 

“This will add to the sense of more space. Just a few minutes of simple tidying could help make a huge difference in making your small garden appear bigger.”

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