Weather to scorch gardens: How to water garden and lawn to protect it during heatwave

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A scorching heatwave is set to hit the UK this week bringing the weather in some parts of the country to 35C. Some parts of London will even soar to 36.6C. Britons have been advised to use less water as much as possible, as a potential hosepipe ban later in the year has been predicted.

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The hot weather is known as the “Bermuda High” or the Azores High pressure system.

While many will love basking in the warm weather, this extreme could play havoc with your garden plants.

Beloved plants could dry out, as could your lawn – resulting in crispy and dry yellow grass.

Gardener August discussed keeping your garden happy and healthy during the heatwave with

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The British gardener and mum is an advocate of chemical-free gardening.

She is the founder of Seed Explorers, which encourages children to grow their own food. August is a Raymond Blanc Garden School Tutor and presents on Tring Radio – as well as sharing her garden insight on @augusts_garden.

August advised readers: “Water early in the morning and evening.”

This is the best way to nourish your plants, as well as a smart way not to waste water.

The gardener went on: “If you water in the peak heat of the day the water has more chance of evaporating before it gets contact with the roots.”

There is also a part of the plant which is better to water to make sure plants are watered efficiently.

“I would also make sure you water at the base of the plant and water well,” August said.

For those with greenhouses, the expert had some specific advice.

She said: “If you have a greenhouse consider putting some greenhouse shading in

“When watering your greenhouse consider watering the floor as well as the plants to keep it cool.

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It is also a good idea to move your houseplants amid the heatwave, as the drastic change in temperature could kill them. 

Gardening pro Daisy Payne advised readers: “Tropical plants are used to cool, humid air rather than our hot, dry heat.”

This includes the likes of palms, Bird of Paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Trees, and Peace Lilies.

She told “Try to make sure your plants are out of direct sunlight so that the sun doesn’t scorch the leaves of your beloved plants.

“You could also think about putting your houseplants in your bathroom during the hot temperatures and you could also mist them too.”

UK weather: Heatwave set to return to UK in coming days

How to look after your garden in the heatwave

Move pots

Move any pot plants into the shade. Pot plants are likely to dry out much quicker than those in beds.

Flowers and leaves will be scorched in the middle of the day if they are left in the strong sun.

Use mulch

Put down a layer of compost or a similar mulch over the soil before it gets too hot. This will help to keep moisture in the soil and stop roots from frying.


Make sure to pay special attention to watering new plants. Water the garden in the early morning or evening.

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