Will Heather survive after horror balcony fall in Home and Away?

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Irene (Lynne McGranger), Roo (Georgie Parker) and Alf (Ray Meagher) have decided to accept a brunch invitation from Marilyn (Emily Symons), driving up to a majestic rural property for the big event.

However, after some time goes by, Justin (James Stewart) tries to get in touch with Leah and realises he can’t get hold of her.

He begins to worry more when Leah, Irene and Marilyn don’t show up for their shifts at the Diner – it’s not like them to skip out on work! Alarmed, he gets in touch with the police and drops the bombshell that Heather (Sofia Nolan) is Marilyn’s daughter.

The cops go to Heather’s home address and make a disturbing discovery – the body of her mother has been found in a chest freezer on the family property, and they suspect foul play. Now Justin begins to feel convinced his friends are all in grave danger.

He comes up with the name of the property everyone has gone to the brunch at, and the police speed out to the location. They arrive and hear Leah and Roo screaming for help from the locked dining room. Upon breaking in, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) see the hostages – and Alf, whose health is deteriorating rapidly.

Heather drags Marilyn away when she realises the police are arriving, and holds her hostage on the ledge of a second floor balcony. Cash finds them and tries to talk her down, but Heather is beyond compromise and edges away. However, her foot slips and she falls off the ledge, screaming..

Cash grabs Marilyn before she also falls, but the pair look down and see Heather crumpled on the concrete below. Has Heather survived the terrible fall?

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