Your guide to planting your Christmas tree in a pot and in the garden

Christmas tree: Expert shares advice on caring for trees

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Christmas trees are at the centre of our festive celebrations. We spend time decorating them, looking after them and putting our presents under them. However, real Christmas trees can be expensive, especially if you’re buying a fresh one every year.

To save money each year, homeowners can replant their Christmas trees. This can take time and planning but it will ensure there are Christmas trees in the garden for years to come.

To plant a tree, homeowners will need to ensure they have a tree which has a root ball still intact.

If the tree does not have a root ball, it can no longer be planted outside. Furthermore, the trunk and the root ball cannot be damaged

Sean Lade, who is an irrigation expert and director of Easy Garden Irrigation, has shared his advice exclusively with for planting Christmas trees.

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Once you are finished with your Christmas tree indoors, it’s important to ensure the tree is acclimatised to the weather outside.

One way to do this is by putting the tree into a shed or garage or an outdoor, covered area.

Those planning to reuse their Christmas tree next year should replant it into a larger container instead of in the ground.

Sean explained to “This will avoid the tree from getting stressed, which would happen if dug up and replanted.

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“A simple sack truck or wheelbarrow will help you ferry your Christmas tree inside each year.”

Here are Sean’s instructions below for repotting your tree:

Once the pot is prepared, pop a couple of inches of soil into the bottom before then transferring the tree into the new pot.

If the tree is large, this could require two people to lift it into the pot.

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To do this, one person should hold the tree upright while the other fills the void around the root ball in the pot with compost.

Pack the soil firmly into the pot and around the root ball to fill in air pockets and ensure the tree is stable.

Water generously and store the tree in a sheltered spot outside.

Sean also shared how to plant Christmas trees permanently outdoors in the ground.

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He said: “Only plant your tree if the ground is not frozen. If the weather allows, dig a hole where you wish to plant your tree.

“The hole will need to be twice as wide as the size of the container your tree is currently in, and the same depth of the container.

“Remove the original container of your potted tree and position the tree in the hole, ensuring it is in an upright position and the top roots that meet the tree trunk are level to the surface.

“Backfill the soil, packing it in as you go to get rid of any air pockets. Add some mulch to the surface and water generously.”

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