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BLITZING up a healthy smoothie or even a hearty soup can take seconds when you have a great blender.

The best blender for you doesn’t have to cost a fortune though – and we’ve found options for every budget.

What is a blender?

A typical blender is made up of a few parts.

The base contains a motor that will rotate the blade so it needs to be powerful, sturdy (so it doesn’t slip from your counter) and ideally not too noisy.

The top is a blender jug or cup where all your ingredients go.

This container is fitted with cutting blades that pulverise the ingredients into a fine puree once the machine is switched on, and is fitted with a removable lid.

These are best for cold drinks, although some can handle hot liquids too.

You can also get handheld blenders, which can go into a pan or a blending beaker. These are ideal for making soups, sauces and purees.

There are dozens of options around though.

We’ve tested some of the best blenders for cold drinks and rounded up the other popular options you should consider below.

We tested: Cuisinart Cordless On the Go blender

  • Cuisinart Cordless On the Go blender, £95.50 from Argos – buy here

If you simply can’t do without your daily smoothie while on holiday, this cordless blender from Cuisinart could be the perfect solution.

The device is incredibly compact, and weighs in at a super portable 0.97kg.

It comes with a 450ml blending cup, lid, blade, blade protector and recipe booklet.

You’ll need to charge it up before use (using the USB cable provided) as it doesn’t work when it’s plugged in. A full charge takes a couple of hours.

Once fully charged, it can whizz up to eight smoothies (up to a minute each) – although you’ll need to let it rest in between for about a minute to prevent the motor from overheating.

When we tested this device, we were very impressed by how lightweight it was – it’s around the same weight as a bag of sugar, making it feasible to carry it around with you.

To use, you just screw the blades onto the blending cup, lock it into the base and press the power button.

There’s only one speed but the device will happily power through ice, frozen fruit and nuts.

The results were comparable to much bigger models so it’s definitely a machine we could use at home as well – although if you’re looking for a super smooth result then go for a Nutribullet.

There were a couple of downsides though.

If you don’t use the device for a while, it does lose its charge so you may have to recharge it even if you’ve only used it a couple of times.

And for harder ingredients, the capacity is lower so you won’t be able to make a big smoothie in one go.

Be aware that because this device contains a lithium ion battery, you’ll need to take the base in your carry-on luggage rather than check it in if you want to take it on holiday.

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