10 Most Expensive Restaurants in Los Angeles

Generally known to be a land of superstars in Hollywood, Los Angeles maintains a very high-class energy even before you truly get to know the city. In terms of luxury, the products and services you can find in Los Angeles remain unrivaled in the world. Specifically, the food industry in the area is known to be both delicious and quite pricey, featuring delicacies from all over the world. Today, we will be exploring ten of the most expensive restaurants located in the Los Angeles area. Although these could potentially break your bank, many customers would still definitely recommend for you to treat your taste buds.

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10 Urasawa

Urasawa is an extremely luxurious high-end Japanese sushi restaurant in California, catering only to 10 guests every night. The master chef Hiroyuki Urasawa successfully earned the restaurant two Michelin stars with his expert handling of sushi. It’s a huge struggle to even book a spot at this infamous establishment, but if you do, prepare to spend some cash. A meal at Urasawa starts at almost 400 dollars, but could easily go above $1000 depending on what you order. Guests love the thirty-course signature meal offered by the restaurant, which features dishes such as live shrimp, foie gras, and the infamous Kobe beef from Japan.

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9 Providence

Costing each person from $165 to $325 per meal, Providence is certainly a pricey twist on seafood courses. The infamous chef Michael Cimarusti never douses his ingredients in added spices, instead opting to highlight the delicate natural flavors of the seafood with light accents. Several tasting menus are available to choose from, each focusing on different specialties of the restaurant. Furthermore, every dish looks like an artwork, featuring bright colors and creative marvels. Favorite dishes include uni with caviar, wagyu beef with bitter greens, and sashimi with chiles, lemon, and mint. No matter which option you go for, your taste buds are in for a savory, rare treat.

8 Melisse Restaurant

The regal atmosphere at Melisse is complemented with the best wine in L.A. and a hefty price tag to go along with it. Meals at Melisse typically costs $145 for four courses, $175 for seven, and over $200 for ten. Some bottles on the infamous wine list, however, could boost your bill all the way up to over $1000! Although pricey, customers believe that the delicate food and wonderful service is worth every penny. This Michelin-starred restaurant in Santa Monica is known for seasonal French dishes with a unique twist. The chef generally recommends dishes such as rosemary veloute with whipped black truffle, crusted dover sole with chanterelle mushrooms, and a warm dulcey ganache tart for dessert.

7 Patina

Patina is yet another French-themed restaurant in Los Angeles featuring recommended tasting menus that will take you on a world-class journey through the flavors of France. The six-course meal is $160 per person or $235 with the wine tasting option. Located in the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Patina is the perfect image of elegance and class. Guests enjoy first-class wine as well as courses featuring delicacies such as Hokkaido scallop with passion fruit, spring pea agnolotti, and the rare Wagyu beef ribeye. However, if you prefer the authentic Japanese Wagyu, that’ll be another fifty bucks on your bill.

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6 Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Known as one of the best steakhouses in the world, it’s no surprise that Cut by Wolfgang Puck has an average price of $230 per person. Before you even sample the food, you’ll be swept away by the establishment’s simple yet stylish interior design, featuring a clean, modern view of a traditional steakhouse. Cut by Wolfgang Puck offers a unique 1200 degree broiler to bring out special flavors in the meat, and all of their seafood is caught fresh daily. You can start off your meal with a bone marrow flan, and work your way up to choose between a selection of prime Australian cuts or Japanese Kobe options.

5 Maude

Maude is a chic restaurant focusing on the new and interesting dishes created by world-famous chef Curtis Stone. The tasting menu starts at $125 per person, and you’re sure to find dishes that you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, the menu changes every season, so you never know what to expect during your visit, if you can even book one. The tiny establishment only seats 25, so making a reservation could be quite tricky indeed. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to sample unique dishes featuring unique additions such as black truffle, pomegranate, and figs. Next time you’re in Beverly Hills, make sure to drop into Maude if you can!

4 Mastro’s Ocean Club

As the name suggests, Mastro’s Ocean Club is serious about its seafood. Depending on what you order, your bill could be anywhere from fifty bucks to a few hundred dollars. However, customers have reviewed that this Malibu restaurant will be worth every cent. With some of the freshest seafood in California, you’ll be able to taste new flavors in familiar dishes. Favorites include the six-pound Maine lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, salmon filet, and a fresh, chilled shellfish tower. Although it isn’t a Japanese restaurant, the sushi options aren’t bad either. When you’re in the mood for some pricey yet delicious fish, keep Mastro’s Ocean Club in mind!

3 WP24

Interested in Chinese food but not in the mood for cheap takeout? WP24 is your place, then! This award-winning restaurant puts a modern twist on ancient Chinese cuisine, bringing old favorites out with new looks. Wolfgang Puck has outdone himself once again. At 110 dollars a person for certain options, it’s a very pricey interpretation of delicious Chinese meals indeed. The restaurant is famous for their Peking style roasted duckling, while the live Maine lobster is another highlight. Each dish is Instagram-worthy for its looks and taste-worthy for their flavors. Guests love both the a la carte menu and the 10 course tasting menu to truly experience what WP24 is all about.

2 N/Naka

N/Naka is yet another beloved and very expensive Japanese restaurant at the heart of Los Angeles. Their main focus is on the traditional Japanese kaiseki experience, featuring a plethora, of course, options to suit your appetite. Prices start at $110 to $160 for the set course menu, and there are also a variety of add-ons and a la carte options available. Each dish is rendered beautifully into a work of art, and the establishment is hugely popular on social media. Favorite dishes include the duck houba yaki, manilla clams, and lobster tartare. Furthermore, the restaurant’s semi-hidden location makes it all the more exciting to find.

1 Totoraku

With a starting price of $140, you’d never expect the hugely famous Japanese Wagyu restaurant to look as run-down and dingy as it does on the outside. However, you definitely should not judge this restaurant by its cover. Totoraku is actually one of the most exclusive and expensive locations in all of Los Angeles! The secret behind the restaurant’s success lies in its infamous grilled Wagyu beef, known to be some of the most delicious in all of America. The tradition is to bring vintage spirits as a thank-you for granting you an extremely difficult to grab a reservation. However, don’t even plan to be able to walk in the door unless you’ve got some serious connections!

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