10 Women Reveal What Their City Hall Weddings Were Like, & It’s So Sweet

Wedding days are special. (Or so they say.) Whether you and your soon-to-be spouse choose to have it in front of hundreds of people in a full-blown wedding ceremony, or you chose to elope, or to have a low-key city hall wedding — the choice is yours. The point of a wedding day is to celebrate your love, and vow to spend the rest of your life with your bae, in sickness and in health. You can do that literally anywhere! Exhibit A: These 10 women reveal what their city hall weddings were like, and they prove that there is no wrong way to say "I do."

Do you and your fiancé/fiancée like the idea of a big wedding with all your friends, relatives, and coworkers? Would you rather go off the grid and get married on a whim with no one else around? Or are you leaning more toward a city hall wedding with a magistrate and a few of your closest friends and family? Whatever way you choose to get married, if at all, it can be important to remember that your day will be perfect no matter what, as long as you and your partner are doing what you want to do. Above all else, your wedding day is about celebrating how head-over-heels in love you and your partner are, and will be for the rest of your lives. Everything else is extra. Thanks to Reddit, behold: A firsthand look at these women’s experiences with city hall weddings, and why they don’t regret it one bit.

All they needed was each other, a brother, and a photographer.


Is it even a wedding if there’s no ugly/happy crying?


This bride brought "something blue" to the forefront of her wedding.


This bride did what made her and her partner happy.


They chose sweet and simple.


She chose an intimate wedding.


This couple made their wedding day as quirky as them.


They did it big!


This bride chose to make it as special as possible.


Their wedding couldn’t have been more them.


However you and your spouse-to-be choose to celebrate your wedding will be your version of perfect. There is no pressure to do it the "traditional" way, if "traditional" doesn’t feel you. Really, what’s more important? Follow your gut, and do what makes your wedding feel as special as your relationship does. You’ve got this!

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