15 Things Your Neighbor Secretly Knows About You

Sure, you’ve got blinds on your windows and you take care to keep your yelling to a minimum whenever you’re out on the patio. But despite your best efforts at protecting your privacy, there are certain things that people in your neighborhood know about you.

Even if the houses on your street are spaced far apart and protected by mature landscaping, there are certain things that are impossible to hide from the general public. Your mailman, the delivery person, your contractor, and yes, even your neighbors are privy to certain details of your life.

Curious what your neighbor knows about you? Read on to find out.

1. You’re on vacation

Overfilled mailbox | Angel Ramirez/iStock/Getty Images

There are so many ways that your neighbor might guess you’ve gone away on vacation. Letting mail or newspapers pile up, an unkempt lawn, no car in the driveway, the RV is missing… it’s usually obvious.

It may be difficult to hide from the people living next to you, but having the post office stop your mail and arranging for someone to cut the lawn is wise if you’re hoping to keep would-be intruders away.

2. Your political affiliation

Gadsden flag | herreid/iStock/Getty Images

Obviously putting yard signs for certain candidates in your lawn tells everyone who you’re supporting. But there may be even more subtle clues about your political leanings you don’t realize. For example, people who display American flags are more likely to have right-leaning politics. Putting out a Gadsden flag almost guarantees that you’re a conservative.

Similarly, people who display signs that say “Hate has no home here” are more likely to be left-leaning.

3. Your television viewing habits

Watching TV | Ahmet Yarali/iStock/Getty Images

If you have sheer curtains or no window treatments at all, your neighbor is likely catching a glimpse at the type of shows you watch at night. If you don’t want the whole neighborhood to know just how often you keep up with the Duggar family or would rather no one saw your post-dinner movie selections, then it’s time to invest in some solid blinds and keep them shut at night.

4. Your shopping habits

Package at front door | WoodysPhotos/iStock/Getty Images

These days, shopping online is becoming more and more popular. But the one downside is that it’s more difficult to conceal just how much you’re spending. Yes, your neighbor definitely noticed that you got Amazon deliveries every day last week. We’re not saying they’re judging you… but it’s all painting a picture about how much you love to shop.

5. You recently got a windfall of cash

Money | Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images

Whether you got promoted at work, collected an inheritance, or won the lottery, your neighbors are likely to notice your new status in life. Even if you don’t move into a nicer home, they’ll see all the new Ferrari in the driveway and admire the new swimming pool as it’s being installed. Soothe jealous feelings by inviting everyone over for a pool party.

6. You’re a hoarder

Clutter | Yukikaefb/iStock/Getty Images

Are your collections getting out of control? The neighbors will notice. Some signs of a hoarder in the neighborhood include having a house with a 3-car garage but parking cards in the driveway, visibly blocked windows, junk all over the yard, and pest problems.

7. You have a naughty pet

Dog having fun | Alexei_tm/iStock/Getty Images

Whether your dog keeps escaping into your neighbors’ yard, won’t stop barking, or they can just hear you constantly yelling reprimands in the backyard, your pet’s antics won’t go unnoticed by the neighbors. A tall fence will help the situation a little bit, but they’ll still know about it.

8. You lost your job

Businessman leaving his job | AndreyPopov /iStock/Getty Images

Fired or laid off? Your neighbor probably noticed. The most obvious indicator is seeing your car home all day when you used to be at work. You could hide your car in the garage – but what’s the point? You’re better off admitting tough times and seeing if the neighbors have any industry connections.

9. You’re having money troubles

Overgrown yard | qingwa/iStock/Getty Images

There are a few clues that indicate you’re experiencing financial trouble. Firing your lawn care service and letting your yard grow wild and selling off expensive items like electronics or vehicles might tell the neighborhood that you’re going through a rough patch.

10. There’s been a death in the family

Holding hands | kzenon/iStock/Getty Images

Funeral visitors are a lot different than party guests. When your perceptive neighbors see a bunch of cars parked outside your house and everyone is dressed in dark colors and looking sad, they’ll naturally assume that you recently lost someone close to you.

11. You’ve had a new baby

Newborn baby holding a hand | mmpile/iStock/Getty Images

There are obvious indicators that you’ve welcomed a new arrival. The pink and blue balloons on the mailbox, the morning you spent installing a new car seat in the driveway, the fact that your belly is looking a lot slimmer these days, the way you’ve been carrying a tiny person in and out of the house for the past month… it’s a difficult thing to hide!

12. You have an infestation

Exterminator | AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

There’s no need to be embarrassed – pest problems happen to the best of us. If there’s an exterminator’s van parked outside your house for several days in a row, your neighbors may start to wonder if you have a bigger problem than just routine maintenance.

And if your house is covered in a brightly covered tent for a week, they’ll probably suspect termites. Obviously.

13. You’re having an affair

Secret affair | triocean/iStock/Getty Images

That mysterious visitor who parks outside your house for a couple of hours every day? Yes, nosy neighbors notice, and they’re not likely to suspect you’re in there reading the Bible together (even if you really are). Keeping an affair secret from your spouse is probably easier than hiding it from perceptive people in your neighborhood.

14. You or your kids are throwing parties

Party | oneinchpunch/Getty Images

The sneaky teenager living in your house may think he’s getting away with something when he has all his friends park around the corner. But if your house is all lit up and blaring loud music past bedtime, no doubt your neighbors will notice it. Same goes if you have a party get a little out of hand.

15. You have weird habits

Nosy neighbor | RapidEye/iStock/Getty Images

There’s no law against weeding your garden at 5 AM or washing your car every single day, but those atypical behaviors might raise a few eyebrows around the neighborhood. But who cares what people think? If you’re not hurting anyone, keep on being yourself.

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