15 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Readers, Because Winter Is Definitely Coming

The holiday season is officially beginning, do you know where your ugly sweaters are? If you’re in need of something fun and festive to add to your wardrobe this winter, look no further than ugly Christmas sweaters for book-lovers.

Like candy canes and mistletoe, gingerbread and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” the ugly sweater is an important part of the holiday tradition for many people in the United States. Everywhere you look throughout the month of December, you will find carolers, coworkers, and party-goers unironically wearing hideous knitwear adorned sequins, bells, googly eyes, and in the most extreme cases, lights.

Ugly holiday sweaters are a time honored tradition, but it’s one that has truly taken off in the past few years. No longer do people need to search their closets for that birthday gift grandma gave them or thrift stores for sweatshirts of Christmas past, because there is a themed holiday sweater out there for everyone. Obsessed with pop culture? Try a Stranger Things sweatshirt or some Wonder Woman knitwear. Like to drink wine? Get yourself the sweater that can hide an entire bottle. No matter what you like to do, watch, or even read, there is a sweater out there for you, and it’s ugly.

Whether you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan or a complete Scrooge, you’re going to love these 15 ugly sweaters that are perfect for readers this season.

An Ugly Christmas Sweater That Truly Understands You

Book Lovers Ugly Sweater



Bookish Stuff on Etsy

Sorry, Mariah Carey, because all readers really want for Christmas is more books and this perfect ugly sweater.

A Holiday Sweatshirt For The Scrooge In The Family

Bah Humbug Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt



Let everyone know you’re a Scrooge with this holiday sweatshirt that is as cozy as it is grumpy.

A Knitted Sweater Befitting Any Witch Or Wizard

Harry Potter Gryffindor Holiday Christmas Sweater



Show your love for the holidays and your house with this Hogwarts themed Christmas sweater.

A Crewneck For Your Favorite Librarian

Librarian Ugly Christmas Sweater


Christmas Sweaters Co. on Etsy

Stay warm in the stacks with this ugly sweater made just for librarians.

A Holiday Sweater Honoring Bookmas

Book Reader Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt



No matter what they believe in, readers all over the world will want this sweater celebrating the season’s best holiday: Bookmas.

An Ugly Sweatshirt Featuring Your Favorite Things

Books & Coffee Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


I Love Apparel 2018 on Etsy

What goes better together better than books and coffee? Books, coffee, and cozy sweaters like this perfect holiday one.

A Funny Sweater For Members House Stark

Christmas Is Coming House Stark Ugly Christmas Sweater



Christmas is coming, so say it Stark-style with this ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired holiday sweater.

A Holiday Sweater That Remixes A Classic, Book Style

Dashing Through The Books Ugly Christmas Sweater


Awesome Librarians

Forget snowflakes and sleighs, because all readers need this holiday season is a stack of great books and this cozy sweater to read them in.

A Punny Pullover Perfect For Hobbits

Hobbit Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt



Stationjack on Etsy

Who can resist an ugly Christmas sweater, especially a cute one with a bookish pun like this.

A Sweet ‘Outlander’ Sweatshirt You’ll Want To Wear After Christmas

Dinna Fash Sassenach Ugly Christmas Sweater


Gypsea Culture on Etsy

Have an ‘Outlander’ Christmas in this sweat sweater for serious Jamie and Claire fans.

A Holiday Sweatshirt That Appreciates Wordplay As Much As You Do

William Shakespeare Christmas Sweater



About That Print on Etsy

William Shakespeare is endlessly quotable, especially around the holidays.

A Crewneck For Readers On Santa’s Naughty List

The Grinch Juniors Nice List Holiday Graphic Crewneck Sweatshirt



Who wants to be nice when you can be naughty with this sweater inspired by the classic kids’ book by Dr. Seuss.

A Sweatshirt To Help You Remember Your Shopping List

Book Lover Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt



Nerrrdy on Etsy

When it comes to gift giving, this Christmas sweatshirt has the right idea.

A Jolly ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sweatshirt That Will Make You Laugh (And Maybe Make You Cry)

Hodor Ugly Christmas Sweater



Bridesmaidshirts on Etsy

Honor Hodor this Christmas with an ugly sweater that finds another way to play with the unlikely hero’s name.

A Customized Sweater For Muggles In Need Of Magic This Christmas

Custom Weasley Letter Sweatshirt



brave girl club on Etsy

Feel like one of the Weasleys this Christmas in a custom letter sweatshirt, just like the one Harry got his very first magical holiday.

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