2019 Planners for Busy Moms on the Go

Before you have children, people readily inform you of the mom-brain phenomena — but what they don’t tell you is that mom brain lasts long after the sleepless nights of infancy. Having mom brain means you fill your head with so many things pertaining to your children that you push other pertinent information out. Basically, you’re super-busy all the time, and things can slip your mind.

That’s why it is our firm belief that every mom on the go can benefit from a good planner. The right one will help you keep kids’ schedules on track and set goals for yourself and, hey, maybe even help you squeeze in some much-needed alone time sometime during the week.

Seriously, these things will keep you sane. Of course, narrowing down the available planners out there can be seriously overwhelming, and you’ve got enough going on, so we did it for you.

Check out the best 2019 planners for busy moms on the go (like you!).

Ban.do Planner

From the punchy “This will be my year” message on the cover to the plucky colors used throughout, Ban.do’s planner makes staying on top of schedules and playdates and everything else a fun affair.

And since the 12-month calendar year format covers January to December 2019, you can start the year fresh.

Large 12-month annual planner, $32 at Ban.do

2019 Blogilates Fit Planner

For the fit mama (or one who strives to be!), Blogilates’ Fit Planner could be just the ticket. Like a personal assistant and life coach all rolled into one, it’ll help you stay on track with regular life stuff, sure, but also with your food and fitness goals.

We particularly love the habit tracker because we all know mamas have trouble prioritizing ourselves. This gives you a daily reminder to check off the habits you want to hold yourself accountable for. 

Blogilates Fit Planner 2019, $27 at PopFlex

2019 ‘Design Your Life’ Planner

Kids aren’t the only ones who love colorful stickers, are we right? The “Design Your Life” Planner comes with a cute variety of stickers you’ll love using to enhance your agenda. 

As the name suggests, this planner encourages you to tap into what you want: your thoughts, your dreams, your goals. And better yet, it helps you achieve those things and honor your memories and more by acting as a planner-slash-scrapbook of sorts. 

“Design Your Life” 2019 planner, $39.95 at C&S Designs

Emily Ley Simplified Planner

Emily Ley’s signature simplified planner is the ideal marriage of form and function — full of bright, joyful colors but a minimalist design so as not to distract from what you need to do. 

Bonus? When you purchase a simplified planner, you also receive monthly planning tips via email from Ley herself. 

Weekly simplified planner in Happy Stripe, $47.99 at Emily Ley

Erin Condren Life Planner

Anyone who loves planners knows that Erin Condren is a big deal in the planner world. People swear by her LifePlanner! And you can easily see why. The 7-inch-by-9-inch coiled beauty serves as a facilitator for your busy world. 

In addition to all its cute organizational features, Erin Condren’s LifePlanner boasts impressive customization options: personalized cover design, interchangeable covers, three weekly layouts (vertical, horizontal and hourly), two color schemes (neutral and colorful) and four coil colors.  

LifePlanner in Floral Stitches pattern, $43.45 at Erin Condren

The Happy Planner

If your brain craves equal parts creativity and organization, The Happy Planner will surely light up those lobes. This 12-month planner is jam-packed with tools to streamline your life and keep it straight as well as gorgeous, inspiring artwork. 

Dated from January 2019 to December 2019, it’s expandable to suit whatever timeframe you need to cover.  

2019 classic planner in Mod Greenery, $25 at The Happy Planner

Law of Attraction Planner

Crunchy mamas, this fully vegan and eco-friendly planner is for you! The Law of Attraction Planner utilizes the same habit-building process designed to train astronauts and applies it to goal-setting. In other words, you should have (dare we say it?) out-of-this-world success! In all seriousness, it guides you through crafting a vision, setting goals and then implementing the things you want to achieve. It even includes a customizable vision board. 

What we truly respect about it, though, is that the company plants five trees for every planner sold… and they’ve already planted nearly half a million. 

The Law of Attraction planner, $29.99 at Manifestation Planner

Meraki ‘Make Shit Happen’ Planner

If you want to make shit happen in 2019, there could be no better planner than one that quite literally tells you to do just that on its cover (albeit subtly). Meraki’s planner has everything you need to make good on that mantra too, from two vision spreads to goal-setting columns to monthly color-block calendars. 

One of our favorite features of the planner is its monthly discovery journaling, which prompts you to explore each month’s theme through a set of journal questions. Each question encourages you to think outside the box and consider areas of growth you may not have realized you needed. Consider it your priority mom time each month.

2019 “Make Shit Happen” planner, $34.50 at Meraki Printing

Passion Planner

Billed as more than just a planner, the Passion Planner gives you a place to organize your life and your thoughts. It was created specifically to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past and, most important, act on the present.

The company aims to provide a place where people can declutter their minds, which is something we mothers could certainly use from time to time. 

2019 dated planner in Ocean Blue, $35 at Passion Planner

The Everyday by Penelope Pop

If you’re the kind of mama who gets enough whimsical designs and playful colors through your kids’ endless craft projects, look no further for your next planner. The Everyday by Penelope Pop cuts the fluff to focus on the nuts and bolts of life. And since it’s undated, you can work at your own pace and pick up (or drop off) whenever you’d like. 

Plus, it’s eco-friendly. The cover is made from chemical-free vegan leather, and the company even made the packaging reusable to minimize waste. 

Penelope Pop planner in periwinkle, $70 at Everyday

Plum Paper Planner

Your life isn’t the same as our lives. And our lives aren’t the same as the mom’s next door. It’s this premise of individuality that drives Plum Paper’s super-customizable planner. 

Their custom Planner Builder lets you customize the cover, choose from a variety of layouts and then customize those even further to fit your needs. You can start your planner with any month you’d like. There are also a variety of add-on pages to make creating your original planner even easier. 

Me planner, $32 at Plum Paper

Scribble Planner

Can we talk about how much we love the Scribble planner‘s cover? Muted colors paired with pops of deeper hues make us go all googly-eyed. Inside is just as aesthetically pleasing, not to mention fun. Themes range from bingeworthy TV shows to pop music, so setting and keeping your schedule will always be entertaining. 

Oh, and monogram-loving moms are going to want to hear this: You can have your name inscribed on the cover for free.

Scribble planner in Tiffany Green, $59 at Filed

Sunday Night Journal, Volume 2

Let’s be real. Sunday nights can be totally overwhelming for moms. After everyone else goes to sleep, we’re running around trying to make sure everything is ready for everyone’s Monday-through-Friday grind. But you know what? It’s time to reclaim your Sunday night, and the Sunday Night Journal is here to help. 

This gorgeous weekly planner will make you look forward to the hustle ahead by asking you to reflect on your days and list priorities to fix your mindset for the coming week.

The Sunday Night Journal, Volume 2, $13.27 at Your Sunday Night 

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