25 MCU Characters That Could Easily Defeat Superman And Batman

Superman and Batman are, without a doubt, the biggest names in DC, and whenever they’re fighting on the same side, it’s practically impossible for any villain to defeat them. Superman’s god-like strength, speed, endurance, flight, and cool powers combined with Batman’s gadgets, intellect, fighting skills, and tricks makes this team almost invincible.

Superman represents the best of the alien races and Batman is a representation of how powerful human beings can be. Although they’ve faced villains in the DC universe who’ve almost beaten them, somehow they find a way of coming out on top, which is one of the reasons we love these two so much.

However, if they were to cross over to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and start fighting against any superhero or villain they came across, the results would not be very impressive for DC fans. Of course, they would take down almost everyone they wanted, but they would have a serious problem fighting against some of the best that the MCU has to offer. Here’s a list of 25 MCU characters that could easily defeat Superman and Batman, of course, if the fight was in the MCU.

25 Thanos

Thanos, also referred to as the Mad Titan, is a powerful being who rules a region in space and commands two massive armies. He believes that the universe’s massive population will eventually use up the entire supply of resources and the best way to save it is by using the infinity stones to eliminate half of all life in the universe.

With his super genius ability, sheer size, strength, and ability to absorb cosmic energy, together with the infinity stones, Thanos was able to defeat the strongest and most powerful Marvel superheroes in battle. This makes it safe to assume that Thanos can easily defeat both Superman and Batman.

24 Galactus

Galactus, also known as Galan, is a character with a force of nature that wonders around the universe feeding on energy. He can feed on the world leaving it barely able to sustain life and we have seen him consume many worlds with very powerful beings.

Galactus possess immeasurable power and cosmic forces making him one of the most powerful beings in Marvel. He has mastered his skills for over billions of years and can easily defeat Superman’s durability, super strength, speed, and vision powers, as well as Batman’s skillset and gadgets. It seems even unfair to compare the duo’s abilities with that of Galactus.

23 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the earth’s sorcerer supreme and the most powerful magician in the Marvel Universe also possessing mystical artifacts. He has the ability to perceive the universe differently through magic with his army of magic powers at his command.

This ability makes him unpredictable and enables him to bend reality, which would enable him to win a fight with either Superman or Batman. Also, Superman’s vulnerability to magic coupled with Batman’s human nature gives him an edge over the two, he can even teleport them to places were their powers and abilities would not be very useful. Other than magic, Doctor Strange is a trained martial artist.

22 Thor 

Thor is a hammer-wielding god, known as the god of thunder, meaning he has the ability to control lightning and storms. Thor possesses super strength, speed, and keen senses because of his Asgardian heritage. His hammer, previously the Mjolnir but now the Storm-Breaker, also gives him extra powerful abilities.

Thor also has strong connections to magic, which is one of Superman’s major weaknesses. His powers are nearly equal to those of Superman, however, Thor is a trained warrior with no weaknesses, and with his ability to connect to magic; he makes a tough opponent for Superman. As for Batman, Thor is a god with super abilities who can easily take on his gadget mastery abilities.

21 Hela

Hela is an Asgardian goddess and a frequent opponent of Thor. She has attributes similar to other Asgardian gods like durability, superhuman, strength, speed, and agility. Hela usually wears a cloak, which makes her far much stronger and keeps her young and healthy.

She also has the ability to resist magic and she is capable of defeating a human or even a god with a single touch. The only way Superman or Batman can defeat her is if they removed her cloak because, without it, she is very weak, she can even barely stand, but with it, the two cannot touch her.

20 Scarlet Witch 

Scarlet Witch is a mutant and a powerful witch with the ability to alter reality in unspecified ways. Her powers are always detrimental to her foes. Although her powers have been changing over the years, she still has the ability to maintain chaos magic and can shift her foes into different realities, giving her the ability to change the whole universe.

In addition, she has very strong resistance ability. Once in the comics, Scarlet once said, “No more mutants” and the mutant population in the world reduced drastically. So, if she were to say “No more Superman or Batman” would the duo seize to exist?

19 Dormammu

Dormammu is one of the most powerful mystical entities in Marvel. He is a very strong magician who can achieve whatever form he desires and has powers of teleportation, resizing, telepathy, raising the people from the afterlife and creating demons. Doctor strange even considers him his most terrible opponent.

Dormammu is made up of pure cosmic energy and together with his magical abilities; would be a very strong opponent for both Superman and Batman. At his full power, no one can stand against him since he is a threat to the life of the universe itself, leaving us to wonder how Superman and Batman can take him down.

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18 Hulk

The Hulk is arguably the strongest superhero in the MCU. The angrier he gets the stronger he becomes. When angry, Dr. Bruce Banner’s body mutates into the giant green monster we refer to as the Hulk. He is a very powerful being, who has accomplished wonders in his rage, including destroying the entire planet at one point.

If the Hulk and Superman got into battle, Superman’s blows would only make him stronger and stronger. However, we’ve seen this battle before and Superman won, but it was not because he was stronger, but because he was smarter. Hulk proved he could go toe to toe with the Man of Steel and given another chance, he might just take Superman and Batman down.

17 The Sentry

The Sentry is one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe. His powers are derived from a super serum that moves his molecules ahead of time similar to those of Molecule Man. His abilities include flying, having super strength, superhumanly acute senses, being invincible and able to control light, quite similar to those of Superman.

Similarly, he is also susceptible to mind control. The battle between the two would definitely be about power and the only way for us to find a winner is for them to battle it out. Since Superman can defeat Batman, The Sentry would most likely defeat him as well.

16 Professor X 

Professor Charles Francis Xavier, best known as Professor X, is the founder of X-men. He is a powerful mutant telepath capable of controlling other people’s minds. His character is paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but despite his disability, he is a genius and one of the most powerful psychics in Marvel. He is also capable of causing total amnesia, temporary paralysis, and inducing pain on his opponents.

He can even take over someone’s mind if one is physically close to him and project blasts of psychic energy that one cannot defend against, making him a worthy opponent to Superman and Batman. Superman might win the battle if it was a physical one but his strength becomes useless against a mind-controlling being.

15 Odin 

The father of Thor and King of Asgard, Odin, possesses strength and durability greater than that of any Asgardian. He has all of Thor’s abilities but greater. He can project energy called the Odin Force, which can destroy the entire galaxy and is resistant to any magic. He is telepathic and carries the spear of heaven in battles, which channels the Odin Force.

Superman and Batman can only dream of defeating this King, they probably only can do so when he’s in his most vulnerable state, sleeping. Once a year, Odin must sleep for 24 hours to regenerate, this makes very vulnerable during this state.

14 The Beyonder 

The Beyonder is an unseen omnipotent being who once took MCU superheroes and supervillains and transported them to another planet called Battleworld. He had them battle each other for his amusement and in order for him to have a better understanding of human beings. He was also omnipresent and omniscience.

Had Superman and Batman been in the Marvel universe, The Beyonder would have probably taken them and instead of battling them himself, he would have made other superheroes or villains fight them. Although he met his demise in the comics, he still appears in other stories in a diminished form.

13 Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey-Summers, known as Phoenix or Dark Phoenix, is an omega level mutant with telekinetic and telepathic powers. Jean has encountered her end several times leading to her rebirth from Marvel girl then to Phoenix and then to Dark Phoenix. She is one of the strongest psychics with the ability to control minds and is capable of transforming into psionic energy.

She has the ability to create psionic weapons, which are capable of destroying enemies physically or mentally. Phoenix might not be as strong and skilled in battle as Superman and Batman might be, but she can probably control their minds and once under her control, she can make them do whatever she wants.

12 Hyperion

There have been many versions of Hyperion, but his most popular versions have the powers of super strength, flight, speed, durability, and powerful breath emissions. He has the ability to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and has x-ray vision. He can regenerate his body and even heal his wounds and injuries fast.

Hyperion has the potential to battle Superman as both have the ability to fly and emit energy blast, so the battle between them might have to be done the old-fashioned way, as Hyperion also does not have any magical abilities. However, Superman and Batman might be able to defeat him easily, if they came across aragonite radiation, which diminishes his powers.

11 Cloak

The Cloak is a superhero who has always been featured as a duo with Dagger in the Marvel Comics. His abilities include dispatching people into the Darkforce dimension, where he feeds on their energy. The people he dispatches into the dimension often feel numb and experience visions of their greatest nightmares and later become insane.

Another of his ability is that he is intangible but can solidify if he wants to temporarily. His constant hunger for light might motivate him to capture the Man of Steel into the dimension in order to satisfy his hunger forever. In addition, his intangible nature might be difficult for anyone to fight him, even Batman.

10 Havok

Havok is a mutant with the power of absorbing different kinds of energies including cosmic energy. This energy gives him the ability to fire very powerful plasma blasts, which usually cause any objects nearby to shutter or disintegrate. Havok is constantly absorbing radiation and recharges to peak level in 17 hours.

He has even been seen absorbing the gamma radiations in Hulk and weakening his powers causing him massive pain. Due to his absorption nature, he has the ability to absorb superman’s solar radiation or even perhaps absorb energy from Superman himself hence making it easy for him to defeat Superman in battle.

9 Omega Red

Omega Red is a mutant supervillain with super strength, reflexes, speed, and durability. He secretes pheromones that are dangerous to all humans nearby. He also has tentacles made from carbonadium that he uses as weapons. Red has a superhuman level of stamina, which helps him in battle with no signs of fatigue.

He also has the ability to drain the life out of people in order to sustain his own. Omega Red might not have Superman’s strength but he can probably try to battle him out given that Superman was once defeated by Parasite, a power leech like Omega Red.

8 Molecule man 

With the ability to alter the molecules in matter, Molecule Man can create or destroy anything he wants with just a thought, making him one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His other ability is that he manifests fractions of himself in each universe of the Multiverse and the only way he can be defeated is by destroying the entire universe.

If Superman or Batman were to engage him in battle, he could win in an instant by just scattering their molecules, but since Superman is a powerful being, his dense molecules might be a challenge, therefore, these two might just have to battle it out the old fashion way.

7 Cable

Cable, a being who was born with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, is not able to use these powers fully because as a child he was infected by a Techno-organic virus. He uses his remaining telekinesis to keep the virus at bay. His techno-organic body parts possess durability and super strength, and he has enhanced eyesight and can attach himself to different kinds of machinery.

When he is not distracted, he has the tactical genius to match that of Batman’s, therefore, going to battle with him would be a narrow escape for Batman. However, as for Superman, Cable would need to come up with a good strategy that ought to include mind control in order to defeat him.

6 Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is a young mutant with matter and energy manipulation powers. He has psionic abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and astral projection. He is able to warp reality as well. Since he’s still a young boy, he hasn’t learned how to use his full powers even though his powers are limitless, meaning there is nothing he cannot do.

If ever he found himself in battle with both Superman and Batman, he would want to find creative ways in which to destroy them, since he’s not short of options. He can create a new dimension and send them there or even just move the sun leaving Superman powerless.

5 Doctor Doom

Doctor Victor Von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, is a genius inventor and polymath who is always seeking revenge against the Fantastic Four and the Power Cosmic. This supervillain possesses mystical capabilities, projects energy, summons demons, and has a protective armor. Doom has used his scientific genius abilities to replicate other superheroes powers in the past.

When he takes on battles with stronger super beings like Superman or Batman, his armor would not protect him much but even without it, he has proven to be a skilled fighter and together with his magic abilities, he can defeat Superman. Since he’s also a genius inventor, he can also take on Batman.

4 Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man received his powers from Loki, the Asgardian god. He has the ability to take the form of anything he touches and absorb its properties. When he touches any object, his body and clothes turn into that object even if it was large. This power has worked for and against him over the years as he once turned to water and found it difficult to reassemble himself.

Absorbing Man’s powers increase depending on the strength of the material he has absorbed. His nature gives him the potential to defeat Superman and Batman in battle, since by just touching them; he can possess their strengths and powers. However, would their powers be too strong for him to handle?

3 Doop 

Doop is a green floating creature of unknown origin, which uses its extra-dimensional void within his body to store objects or beings. He has super strength, flight, malleability, durability, and the ability to manipulate time. He is able to stretch his whole body into different forms and replicate physical objects.

He also has an accelerated healing factor. Doop might not look like a serious opponent to both Superman and Batman, but he battled Thor once and survived. He is very strong and if he cannot beat Superman or Batman, he might just pop a pimple on his body and suck them into the Doop dimension.

2 Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a humanoid with silver metallic skin and travels through space with his surfboard. He has the ability to shed his skin and return to his original appearance. Silver Surfer uses power cosmic, which gives him super strength and the ability to absorb the universe’s energy. His speed is faster than the speed of light, he sustains himself by converting matter into energy, and he can project various forms of energy to defend himself.

Silver Surfer is significantly faster than Superman and Batman, which would give him an edge if he were to fight them. However, that battle would be very destructive given that everyone involved in such a fight is very strong.

1 Vision

Vision’s body is made of synthetic materials. The infinity stone on his forehead absorbs solar energy giving him the power he needs to function. He has super strength, stamina, speed, reflexes, and acute senses. If vision fires his solar energy, it would destroy Batman were it to hit him, but Superman would easily survive it. Superman would be a very hard opponent for Vision because these two share so many powers and abilities.

However, Vision is capable of manipulating his density allowing him to phase through objects. He can attack Superman by thrusting an intangible hand at him and then materializing it when it’s inside him, thereby causing him massive pain. During this state, all of Superman’s powers are useless, and vision would destroy him from the inside.

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