26 Christmas gifts under £10 – stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gift ideas

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Finding a Secret Santa under £10, as well as stocking stuffers under £10, is a tricky job. You want to buy something that the recipient will genuinely love, but when you go to a retailer and try to wade through all the tacky, uninspiring gifts at this price point it seems like an impossible endeavour – but we assure you it isn’t.

While gift cards can be a great gift in certain situations, they aren’t the most creative or thoughtful – and although it may not sound like it, £10 is plenty to play with when Christmas shopping. You don’t need to break the bank to buy a unique gift.

We’ve collated a collection of gifts under £10 to suit all ages, genders, and relationships, so you can rest assured there’s something for everyone on the list. There are plenty of good gifts under £10, you just need to know where to look – so keep scrolling through to see the full gift guide.

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm, £6.95

Cold weather and an increase in alcohol consumption can leave you with dry, chapped lips over the festive season. Do the person you’re shopping for a favour by gifting them one of the most deeply hydrating lip balms on the market – Weleda Skin Food Moisturiser.

The restorative balm has been formulated with a blend of natural essential oils and plant extracts to protect and nourish dry, cracked, and chapped lips. As well as helping soothe the existing dryness, the balm also creates a protective barrier that prevents further dryness down the line.

Buy on Oliver Bonas here

Bloody Brilliant Women, £8.99

If the person you’re buying for has an interest in history or feminism (or both) they’re sure to appreciate this book by Cathy Newman. It’s no secret that women’s achievements have long been ignored when recounting history.

In this book, Newman writes about the history of modern Britain and the women who defied the odds to make careers for themselves. She discusses their “role in transforming Britain in fields such as the arts, medicine, politics, education, law, engineering and the military”, in a way that has never been acknowledged before.

Buy on Oliver Bonas here

Grey & Gold Foiled Base Plant Pot, £7.50

The plant lover in your life is sure to appreciate this adorable little new home for their plant babies.

The small ceramic pot from Oliver Bonas has metallic accents with a grey and gold foiled base. The way the chic metallic foil is applied means that each piece has a unique finish and no two are the same.

Buy on Oliver Bonas here

Burt’s Bees 99% Natural Moisturising Almond & Milk Hand Cream, £8.66

With all the hand-sanitising that’s going on at the moment to help ensure you don’t pick up anything before Christmas, many of us are sporting dry, cracked hands. This makes what would have been a boring gift in previous years a much-loved one this Christmas – and that’s the gift of hand cream.

This 99 percent natural hand cream from Burt’s Bees has been formulated with sweet almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise the hands, as well as natural beeswax to seal and condition the skin in order to prevent further dryness. The added bonus of a festive, nutty-almond scent makes it perfect for balancing the acrid scent of hand sanitiser.

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Campo Viejo Winemakers Blend, £8

While red wine goes down a treat year-round, it’s especially tasty during the festive season. Nothing complements a meal with loved ones on a chilly evening quite like a glass of high-quality red wine, just like this one from Campo Viejo.

Campo Viejo Winemakers Blend is smooth and vibrant, crafted by three female winemakers, and is perfect for entertaining with hints of blackberry, cherry, plum, and fresh spice.

Buy on Tesco here

Yoda best dad ever mug – baby Yoda mug, £9.25

Is your dad (or just a dad you know) a major Star Wars fan? They’ll love this cute mug that features the iconic Baby Yoda.

Shop on Etsy here

Revolution Skincare London x Jake Jamie, Watermelon Hydrating Face Mask, £7.10

All the fun of the festive season can wreak havoc on our skin. Alcohol dries it out, lack of sleep takes away the glow, and all the sweet treats can leave behind a pimple or two. And while it would be crazy to stop indulging in these delights (it is Christmas, after all) you can help your giftee get their skin back in tip-top shape with this watermelon face mask from Revolution.

Not only does it smell like a tropical holiday, but the fruity face mask also uses the antioxidants and vitamins from watermelon to rehydrate and nourish the skin.

Shop on Amazon here

Sanctuary Spa Pillow Spray, £8.89

A great stocking stuffer idea for both loved ones and that Secret Santa you don’t know all too well is this sleep spray from Sanctuary Spa.

Many people struggle with sleep in the lead up to Christmas, with work stress and the stress of constant social engagements taking their toll on sleep quality. This spray has been proven to relax the body and mind, helping you fall asleep faster and for longer – and there’s no better gift than the gift of a regenerative nights sleep.

Shop on Amazon here

Pendali Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, £8.49

Are you shopping for someone a little bit fancy and are worried there’s nothing £10 can get you that’s good enough? You needn’t be because this satin pillowcase has you sorted.

Unlike regular pillowcases that tug at the hair and leave you with lines on your face when you wake up, this satin pillowcase is made from a far more gentle material that protects hair and skin while also adding a touch of luxury to their bedding.

Shop on Amazon here

Le Terre di Colombo 100% Italian Biological Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £9.74

Anyone with even a vague interest in cooking knows how important good-quality olive oil is to the finished result. And this authentic Italian olive oil will help them take their creations to the next level.

Cultivated and cold pressed in Italy using local olives, the dark colour of this bottle protects the oil and preserves its flavour, and is particularly suited to grilled meats, vegetables and local olives.

Shop on Amazon here

Schwartz Mulled Spice Gift Set, £8.99

‘Tis the season to mull all your alcoholic beverages. While a regular red wine or cider can be drunk any time of the year, there’s something about mulled beverages that is exclusive to the festive season.

This Mulled Spice Gift Set is made up of two mulled cider spices and two mulled wine glasses. The spice is a moreish blend of orange peel, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg that makes for a delicious DIY brew.

Shop on Amazon here

Retro Sweets Gift Box, £9.99

Shopping for someone with a sweet tooth? This treasure box crammed with 47 iconic retro sweets is a surefire way to make them smile this Christmas.

The box is a nostalgic trip down memory lane filled with Space Dust, White Mice, Anglo Bubbly, Wham Bar, Curly Wurly, and many more.

Shop on Amazon here

Snuggles Furry Microwave Slippers, £10

Slippers are another gift that’s sure to be universally enjoyed. These extra soft, fluffy slippers come in three shades so there’s something to suit everyone.

Shop on Amazon here

If You Can Read This Bring Me Beer Socks, £9.99

Have a demanding beer lover in your life? They’ll get a definite kick out of these novelty socks that reflect their passionate love of a pint.

Shop on Amazon here

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set, £7.95

If there’s anything golf fans love, it’s golf merchandise. These novelty golf pens can help keep them happy while they’re at work (when they’d rather be on the course) and let all their colleagues know they’re always up for a few holes.

Shop on Amazon here

5 Pairs Ladies Winter Wool Socks, £9.99

Most office workers across the country have been told to work from home again for the foreseeable future. While there are some drawbacks to working from home, one significant upside is being able to wear what you want – which is especially delightful on those cold winter days.

These wool socks make a great gift for home workers as they come in a handy pack of five – so there’s a fresh pair for every workday.

Shop on Amazon here

Whisky Stones Gift Set, £8.49

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy a whisky lover a decent bottle of the good stuff with a £10 budget. But you can get them a handy tool that helps them keep their whisky cool without watering it down.

These stylish whisky stones help to maintain the flavour of the whisky while also cooling it down and looking stylish on a home bar with the classy wooden box and velvet pouch.

Shop on Amazon here

Pukka Herbs Calm Tea Collection Gift, £9.99

A tin full of Pukka Herbs Tea is sure to be a favourite gift this year for any fan of herbal tea. The tin comes packed with 30 sachets of different calming blends, including Joy, Peace, Relax, Night Time Berry and Vanilla, Chamomile and Manuka Honey.

The eco-friendly teas have been blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients for a tasty flavour that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Shop on Amazon here

White Wine and Chocolate Hamper, £8.99

Nearly everyone loves wine, and nearly everyone loves chocolate. So a hamper containing both of these fan-favourites is a no-brainer as a much-loved Christmas gift.

The budget-friendly gift set comes with a bottle of Three Mills White Wine and a selection of delicious milk chocolates.

Shop on Amazon here

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Hamper, £10

Ferrero Rocher is the kind of luxury chocolates you don’t really buy for yourself because it seems overly indulgent – meaning they tend to be extremely well received as a Christmas gift.

This particular hamper comes crammed full of a whopping 42 chocolates, which is sure to keep them happy well into the New Year.

Shop on Amazon here.

Tony’s Chocolonely Caramel and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar, £3.50

Tony’s Chocolonely is quickly becoming the UK’s new favourite chocolate. The rich, unique flavour of this Caramel and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar can both win over naysayers and delight existing fans.

Shop on Amazon here

Hot Chocolate Bomb Three Pack, £8.99

Help your giftee make the lead up even more indulgent with this tasty hot chocolate bomb set.

The three-pack contains milk chocolate, salted caramel, and peppermint, with each bomb coming filled with tasty marshmallows to make it even more of a treat.

Shop on Amazon here

Big Potato Santa Banter Christmas Card Game, £9.99

Bring some fun to the Christmas table this Christmas with the iconic Santa Banter card game. The box comes with four distinctly different card games that will keep things exciting long into the evening.

Shop on Amazon here

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Ring, £7.99

You never have to worry about having a bottle opener on hand when you’re wearing it on your finger.

This stylish, stainless steel ring doubles as a bottle opener so you never have to worry about not being able to crack into the good stuff.

Shop on Amazon here

Candy Cane Bath Bomb, £3.50

Make bath time extra festive with this white and red candy cane bath bomb that is deliciously fragrances with sugary peppermint.

Shop on Etsy here

Tin of Grind Coffee, £9

Grind Coffee is renowned for being some of the best quality on the market, and this product comes with 227g of coffee with a refillable Grind tin. Grind coffee is ethically sourced from sustainable farms and roasted in London and comes in three varieties: house blend, light blend, and decaf blend.

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