6 Best Lightweight Suitcases 2020 | The Sun UK

HAULING a heavy suitcase on public transport and through the airport can be, well, a real drag.

When you combine that with the airlines’ strict luggage allowance rules, it makes sense to invest in the lightest suitcase possible.

For most medium and long-haul international flights, airlines will allow one piece of checked baggage per person weighing around 20 to 23kg, depending on the airline, and this is often included in the ticket price.

However, when it comes to the low-cost and short-haul airlines, you’ll find that unless you can squeeze everything you need into a small carry-on suitcase, you’ll have to pay extra to get your baggage in the hold.

EasyJet for example, allows one free item of carry-on-sized luggage per person, but if you want to check in a suitcase, you’ll pay from £6.99 to £34.99 each way (depending on the route) for a bag of up to 15kg and even more for bags up to to the maximum 23kg the airline allows.

With eye-watering baggage prices like these, you should think about using the lightest suitcase possible, to help you stick to your allotted allowance and to maximise the amount of holiday shopping you can bring back with you.

For those who value every spare gram of their luggage allowance, we bring you this list of the best lightweight suitcases for summer 2020.

To aid easy price comparison, our list focuses on medium-sized check-in cases that are ideal for trips of three to five days long.

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