9 Best Hoverboards 2021 | The Sun UK

LOOKING for a slice of the future? Grab yourself one of the best hoverboards and you’ll be gliding around effortlessly on your own personal transport.

Hoverboards are a relatively cheap way of feeling like you’re in the future; just lean forward and off you go.

Also known as self-balancing scooters, hoverboards are simple wheeled platforms with powerful motors that you control with your body weight (sorry to disappoint: they don’t actually hover).

They’re a great toy too, with nifty features like built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights making them perfect for gadget-obsessed kids.

You’ve got to be careful when buying one, though. Back when the hoverboard craze was at its peak, there were many reports of dangerous exploding batteries — so when shopping for the best hoverboard, look for those that are CE and UL2272 certified – these safety standards should give you peace of mind.

The type of tires and battery life are also important things to consider when buying one of these futuristic boards, depending on where you're planning to ride it.

And speaking of which, you can only ride a hoverboard under certain conditions in the UK. Read on for more information about that, and for our pick of the best boards on the market right now.

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