A Throwback Photo Of Lady Kitty Spencer Looks Just Like Princess Charlotte

Kitty Spencer’s throwback photo is confused for Charlotte Cambridge

Royal watchers were shocked and thrilled when they saw a photo of Lady Kitty Spencer as a child and thought it was Princess Charlotte. Spencer, who is the oldest child of Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer also bears a resemblance to her aunt Diana.

Express says that model Kitty Spencer posted a black and white photo on Instagram of her first day of school as a “Throwback Thursday” post and fans are going crazy pointing out the similarities between Spencer and Princess Charlotte.

The comments were all about how much Spencer and Charlotte Cambridge, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton look alike.

“Is she Princess Charlotte?’, “Wow…absolutely Charlotte Cambridge”, and “Princess Charlotte has the Spencer genes”.

Ironically, when Kitty was a little girl, her photos were likened to those of her aunt, Diana.

“In the past, Kitty’s good looks have been likened to her aunt Princess Diana’s, with the two sharing the same blonde, thick locks, blue eyes, and chiseled cheekbones.”

Kitty Spencer’s parents are Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer, and Victoria Lockwood, a former model from Cape Town, South Africa. While Kitty Spencer was growing up, she split her time between the family estate in England and her mother’s home in South Africa, where she moved after their divorce.

Kitty Spencer’s first modeling job was on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK alongside her mother. She went on to sign with the Storm modeling agency and has had steady work ever since.

Lady Kitty Spencer’s photo got over 10k likes, and much of the praise was about the Spencer family resemblance with Princess Charlotte and Lady Diana Spencer.

But amongst the gushing comments about the Cambridge princess, some fans shared some thoughts about the Spencer family’s place in British history and a warning not to drag Kitty Spencer into royal drama.

“The Spencer family has a great history. They are actually far more regal than the Windsors in term of British royalty since they have straight links to the last British King. The Windsors are german related and thars why they were called the Germans. It was one of the reasons they called themselves the Windsors to disconnect from the German nickname they had. So please, let Kitty be. Pretty obvious the Spencers are honoring the late Princess anyway they can and Kitty doesn’t need any reference to the current Royals. Let her be. Princess Diana was first and foremost a Spencer and she has nothing to do with the current royals. They only use her name for popularity,” wrote one Instagram commenter.

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