Adults reveal regrets from their childhood

‘Getting an awful tattoo!’ People reveal what they regret most about their youth in VERY candid online confessions (so what would YOU do differently?)

  • People from around the world spoke anonymously about their childhood regrets
  • Many confessed to having bullied their peers, lied, or acted like ‘a brat’  
  • Others confessed to getting regrettable tattoos or shaving off eyebrows  

Most people try not to dwell on regrets, but some youthful transgressions are easier to forget than others 

Speaking anonymously on confessional app Whisper, people from around the world have been sharing the childhood mistakes they wish they could take back. 

Among the contributors left shame-faced by their childhood misdemeanors were one who confessed to bullying their peers, and another mortified by the way they lied as a youngster. 

Some of the light-hearted admissions came from people who had impulsively decided to get regrettable tattoos, or – in one case – shave off half an eyebrow. 

But others among the anonymous confessions were more serious, like the person who fears the drugs they took in their youth had impacted their mental health, or one who admitted to regretting not telling anyone about their father’s abuse. 

People from around the world contributed regrets from their childhood to a thread on Whisper. In one account an individual confessed to bullying others because they had gone through it

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Another person recalled their elderly cousin dying the day after they made excuses not to visit 

An individual who got a tattoo during High School claimed to regret the inking and stated it was cool at the time 

One person questioned if they had missed out on making great memories because they had been shy throughout their childhood 

Another revealed their eyebrows haven’t grown back since they removed one as a child

An individual who was abused by their father throughout their childhood, shared the regret of not reporting the incident 

One person told of wondering how trying drugs at a young age may have contributed to their overall mental health 

A woman who said yes to the first man to approach her, shared the regret of being in an unhappy marriage

Another individual looked back on their childhood with regret for how they treated their mother and labelled themselves as a brat 

An individual who had a routine of lying in their early years spoke about the damage that their behaviour had done to other people

One person shared the regret of hiding their sexuality throughout their early teens

Another told of not realizing the importance of high school when they had the chance 

One woman claimed the only regret she has from her childhood is cutting her own hair 

An individual who lost their virginity as a teenager, told of regretting their choice of partner 

Another added the regret of starting to smoke during high school and spending large amounts of time sleeping

One person told of watching their sibling be mistreated without standing up for them

An individual who struggled to ask for help throughout their childhood claimed it developed a habit they can’t break

Another person was disappointed after they failed to appreciate their father before his death

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