Aldi launches mini hanging egg chair just for cats

Okay, so maybe you haven’t been able to get hold of that much-wanted Aldi hanging egg chair.

We understand. It’s been tough – the moment they’re back in stock, those dangling chairs sell right back out in minutes.

But here’s some good news. Along with all the alternatives out there, you can now also get your hands on a cat-sized version.

So even if you don’t get the joy of chilling in a suspended egg, at least your cat can.

Aldi has launched the feline-friendly version of the sell-out hanging egg chair as part of its new Eco Pet range, which also includes delights such as a cat igloo, recycled dog toys, and bamboo pet bowls.

But let’s be real: it’s the cat-sized egg chair that’s the star piece.

The cat egg chair is made from hand-woven natural wicker, which hangs from a strong metal frame to keep your furry pal safe and secure.

There’s a removable inner cushion for added cosiness.

You’ll be able to pick up the chair online only (don’t bother checking in store) for £34.99, from May 23. If the human version of the chair is anything to go by, the cat chair will sell out fast, so we’d recommend setting an alarm and clicking fast.

If – for reasons we don’t understand – you’re not enthused by a mini egg chair for your cat, there are other pet products you can buy from the new range.

Also available is the cat igloo (£24.99, online only), which is a transportable bed with a wire door and a removable cushion, and bamboo pet bowls (£3.99).

For dog owners, take your pick from the recycled dog coat (£4.99), recycled dog harness (£3.99), the recycled donut pet bed (£12.99), the recycled pet bed (£22.99 for the large, £19.99 for the medium), and recycled pet toys (ranging from £3.49 to £3.99).

All the in-store buys – so not the cat egg chair or igloo – will land in Aldi stores on May 30.

What a time for picky pets.

Aldi’s full eco pet range:

  • Recycled large pet bed, £22.99
  • Recycled medium pet bed, £19.99
  • Recycled donut pet bed, £12.99
  • BR Cat pouches 40 pack, £11.99
  • BR Dog pouches 40 pack, £10.49
  • Whiskas 40 pack, £9.99
  • Langhams 400g fillet treats, £5.69
  • Recycled dog coat, £4.99
  • Earls dental sticks 56 bumper pack, £4.09
  • BR dry cat food 2kg, £3.99
  • Eco beacon bird feeder, £3.99
  • Bamboo pet bowls, £3.99
  • Recycled honking game birds, £3.99
  • Cardboard cat scratcher, £3.99
  • Rope recycled dog toy, £3.99
  • Recycled dog harness, £3.99
  • Fresh Choice cat pouches 15 pack, £3.69
  • Eco cat litter, £3.49
  • Animal recycled dog toy, £3.49
  • Natural rubber dog toys, £2.99
  • Langham’s toothbrush and meaty sticks, £2.99
  • Natural dog treats mixed case, £1.79

Online only:

  • Cat egg chair, £34.99
  • Pet gate, £34.99
  • Rattan cat igloo, £24.99

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