Amazon ‘wine wand’ claims to reduce hangover symptoms like headaches & nausea

Now that pubs and restaurants have re-opened, Brits are enjoying social time with friends and family.

But, did anyone else forget how horrible hangovers are? We were not prepared for the headaches, nausea and breathlessness…

Luckily, a new product has been launched which claims to reduce the negative effects of drinking.

The £3 wine wand is being sold on Amazon – and it claims to alleviate the headaches, congestion, red skin and upset stomachs caused by a night on the town.

All you need to do is pop the wand into your glass of wine and I’ve it a swirl.

Leave it in the glass and it will reportedly start removing histamines and sulphite preservatives – those are the bits that make you feel like death the next day (bar the alcohol of course).

The manufacturers claim that the wand works on all wine types, including red and sparkling, without changing the flavour, smell or colour of the drink.

And, they say that it will purify and aerate the wine in three minutes.

The portable wine wand slips easily into your bag or pocket so you can take it to the pub or bar.

And, the wand claims to restore oxidised wine to its natural state, using Patented Phoenix technology.

So, you don’t have to throw away corked wine!

While each wand costs just £3 you do have to buy them in a three pack costing £11.99.

Oh well, they’re the perfect gift for vino-loving mates.

Some of the reviews raved about the product.

One person said: “This product works.

“No headache/migraine after drinking wine.

“I can finally enjoy a glass of wine with a meal.”

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While another added: “Did exactly what it said on the box and I used because I have an intolerance to sulphite and lactose and I didn’t have any reaction, so far so good.

“The wine tasted better after use.”

However, not everyone was so blown away as one person said: “These may work for some, but for me it made absolutely no difference.”

If you are struggling with your drinking please visit or see your GP.

The NHS recommends drinking no more than 14 units of alcohol per week.

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