Aquaria does all her holiday shopping at Costco

Aquaria is giving you holiday realness on a budget.

The IMG model told Page Six Style that her favorite gift to buy in bulk is “anything from Costco!”

“As a drag queen I’m always running through products,” the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 winner explained. “So whether it’s a large box of makeup wipes or just a big lovely plate of mac and cheese, bulk is always welcomed in my house — or any queen’s house, for that matter.”

But this holiday season, Aquaria isn’t just hoping to receive gifts that come in packs of 20, she’d also be happy to simply receive a new video game. “I’m super excited for the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” she said, “so hopefully Santa finds a way to head to GameStop and pick one up for me ASAP!”

And while she admitted that it’s “the most pageant, predictable and kinda corny” answer, the Moschino x H&M star said that “the greatest gift I’ve received is every moment I’ve had this past year and all of the wonderful blessings life has presented me. I’m so grateful to get to live out my dreams so fabulously and with such care and love from my friends and fans, and I truly could not be more grateful.”

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