Are Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Upset Over Miranda Lambert’s New Song About Being ‘Blinded’ During Marriage?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have one word to describe Miranda Lambert’s new song about her failed marriage, ‘When I Was His Wife,’ which HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned!

Miranda Lambert, 34, along with her band Pistol Annies, dropped yet another track about divorce, “When I Was His Wife.” The new single arrived with the release of the band’s latest album, Interstate Gospel, on Nov. 2, and we’ve learned what lovebirds Blake Shelton, 42, and Gwen Stefani, 49, thought when Blake’s ex-wife sang that she was “blinded by diamonds and driven by lust.” It was an interesting choice of words, considering that Miranda has married only one man — Blake! After the country stars’ divorce was finalized in 2015, “Gwen and Blake could care less about Miranda’s new song,” a source EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife. And that’s not even the worst snub! “They actually find it comical,” our source adds. As one fan points out, Miranda not only seemed to reference The Voice coach, but also the woman who replaced her!

“So I gotta say I feel like the pistol Annie’s song when I was his wife isn’t only throwing shade at Blake but kinda is at Gwen too,” the fan tweeted. In the first verse of the song, Miranda sang, “He’d never cheat, he’d never lie / He’ll love me forever ’til the day that we die / He’ll never take me for granted I / Said that too when I was his wife.” Hmm…who else is saying that, Miranda? Whether the “Tin Man” singer is calling out Gwen or was just trying to lay down some catchy lyrics, don’t expect the “Hollaback Girl” singer to come back with a diss track! “Gwen is very classy and you will never see her respond to something like this,” our source continues. Meanwhile, Gwen’s boyfriend of three years is finding the new song more than funny — he thinks it’s a sign that his ex-wife is stuck in the past.

“Blake thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s supposedly moved on and he absolutely has, yet she still has to sing about him,” our source reveals. Woah, shots fired! Miranda went on to date singers Anderson East and Evan Felker following the divorce, but said that she’s now “happily single” to Taste Of Country on Aug. 24. Blake doesn’t seem to buy it! “He knows Miranda hasn’t moved on, but he’s so happy with Gwen and where they’re at in their relationship and lives,” our source goes on. In case you haven’t heard, or seen Blake’s Twitter (his profile picture is of Gwen), he’s smitten with the former lead vocalist of No Doubt.

“Blake tells everyone how much he loves her,” our source shares. However, that doesn’t mean they’re “in a rush to get married,” which echoes what our recent sources have also said! Gwen juggles being a mother of three to Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, while also holding a Las Vegas residency, Gwen Stefani — Just A Girl, until March 2019. And we all know how involved Blake is on The Voice, who’s been there since the inaugural season!  “Gwen’s very involved in her sons’ lives and school functions, doing pick-up and drop off often herself. Blake helps where he can, but he’s busy with The Voice,” our source tells us of their schedules. And we’ve learned that Gwen’s recent slew of concerts in Las Vegas have been particularly rough on her. “Gwen’s Vegas residency has also been fun for her, but she knows it hasn’t been doing well and there’s no plans to extend it. Blake has supported her through that as well as it was a bit embarrassing for her,” our source reveals, but still, “their love is real and Blake has never been happier.”

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