Ariana Grande & Her BFF Alexa’s Bond Traces All The Way Back To Grade School

Is Ariana Grande’s music video for "thank u, next" the most hyped up music video of all time? Maybe not all time, but definitely in recent years. The singer has shared plenty of behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, which included cameo appearances from her good friends. After all those posts, fans may be wondering who Grande’s friend Alexa Luria is.

Longtime Arianators probably recognize Luria from Grande’s social media throughout the years, but now the fandom likely wants more information, thanks to all of the photos and videos from "thank u, next." In the music video, Grande pays homage to several of her favorite movies. That includes portraying characters from Mean Girls. Grande is Regina, while Luria takes on the Karen role. Luria confirmed this on Instagram when she quoted one Karen’s most famous lines, "I’m kind of psychic.. i have a fifth sense. It’s like I have ESPN or something."

Aside from figuring out which characters Luria channeled for the video, clicking on Grande’s photo shows tags for two different accounts for her friend. One is Luria’s personal Instagram account, and the other account is dedicated to the food she buys and makes called @girlwithagourmetpalate. In the past, Grande has even promoted Luria’s food Instagram on her IG Story.

Over the years, these two have posted plenty of photos and videos with each other, so it may seem a little difficult to track down when their friendship began. But apparently it was actually pre-social media.

In a June 2017 birthday Instagram post, Luria revealed the origin of their friendship. She wrote, "Thank you to the p.e. teacher who brought us together 16 years ago, we love u." Props to that teacher. Grande should hook them with some free concert tickets for introducing her to her bestie.

Luria isn’t the only one who has posted about their special bond, though. The pop singer has shared plenty of memories with her friend in the past.

They went to Paris together in 2015. She even got final approval of the photo that Grande shared from the trip. Grande wrote, "alexa liked this one better. sorry for the paris spam!!! au revoir paris."

That same year, Luria shared a video of the duo singing "Take Me or Leave Me" from the Broadway musical Rent while they were in Amsterdam.

Grande posted a link to her best friend’s video and declared that it was giving her, "2006 alexa vibes." Clearly, these two go way back.

Then in 2010, the "God is a Woman" singer told her Twitter followers that she was hanging with Alexa, along with their friend Liz Gillies, who plays Cady Heron in "thank u, next."

In another 2010 tweet, the pop star referred to Luria as her "best friend." Nine years later, and it seems like that still holds true.

Grande has become known for sharing her thoughts on Twitter, but sometimes it’s actually her best friend doing the tweeting from her account. Handing over your phone to anyone is a major indication of trust in a friendship, right?

There have been plenty of times that Luria has copped to composing a tweet from her friend’s phone.

Sometimes Grande has to let her followers know that her close friend is actually the author of some recent tweets.

The Grammy-nominated singer posts about her BFF a lot, but her most excited posts (by far) are when she surprises her with a visit. And Grande has posted about Luria’s surprise hangouts plenty of times throughout the years.

One time Grande was so pumped up for the quality BFF time that she stayed awake longer than Luria, which is not a big deal to most people, but she hilariously documented it on Twitter.

Grande even posted a photo of her friend asleep during their hangout and joked about how she was "so happy" Luria flew out to "spend time with" her

Clearly these two go way back. Forever fans are probably familiar with Luria, but now everyone will get to see the BFFs in action when the "thank u, next" video finally premieres.

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